Americans Recall Their Lost On September 11 Attack, Mourn 2,977 Dead Persons

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September 11 in the history of United States is a day set aside for the remembrance of the twenty two years ago, the prestigious world trade center was hit by an air strike. No doubt the attack took Americans on surprise. Every September 11 therefore is a recall date of the heavy lost recorded in the history of US attack.

The photo below was taken at approximately 8:30 am on September 11, 2001 by David Monderer, from the Manhattan Bridge pedestrian walkway.

Every September 11, American Government remember in honour, the memory of all the brave souls lost 22 years ago.

In the words of former US President barrack Obama, “May we always remember their stories, the courage of our first responders, and the sacrifices our troops made to protect us in the years that followed.

In the photo above, roughly 16 minutes later, a plane would crash into the North Tower of the World Trade Center, hitting floors 93 to 99.

Meanwhile, President Biden has stated that “today, we remember the 2,977 precious lives stolen from us on 9/11 and reflect on all that was lost in the fire and ash that September morning.

“The American story itself changed on this day 22 years ago. But what could not — and will not — change is the character of this nation.

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Such attack indicates that there is no safe place on earth since America could be attacked unexpected but reports have it that such hit was an eye opener for more security intelligence gathering and maximum security across all continents.

Our media team heartily join the government of United States to wish the souls of those that were affected, a continued rest in peace.

-Princely Onyenwe reporting for 9News Nigeria +234 (0) 8036856526

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