Anglican Bishop & AIG Zone 13 Ukpo Petitioned for Selfish Interest Over Their Official Duty.

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The battle for who will become the next PG Ukpo community is taking another dimension with lot’s of blackmails, intimidation and character assacination from different quarters, all in the name of interest from the AIG Zone 13 Ukpo and the ArchBishop of the Anglican communion, Most Revd. Alexander Ibezim (Bishop of Awka diocese and also the ArchBishop of Diocese of the Niger).

If you will recall the media broadcast that was on facebook sometime ago, about Ichie Izuchukwu Nwabueze of Ukpo community, stating that he is extorting money from people in the name of “Chairman Police Chaplaincy Stakeholders forum, Zone 13 Police headquarters Ukpo Anambra State”.

It will Interest you that all the issues was trending without some people asking the root cause of that problem and also giving Ichie Sir Izuchukwu Nwabueze a fair hearing.

“All that happened to Ichie Sir Izuchukwu Nwabueze, was a conspiracy between Archbishop Alexander Ibezim, AIG Zone 13 Headquarters Ukpo (Dan Mallam Mohammed), and Prince Emeka Eze; were all planned in order to silence him because of their selfishness”.

Ichie Izuchukwu Nwabueze have opened up to tell the whole Anambrarians and Nigerians at large the reason behind his sudden arrest and intimidations from the AIG Zone 13 Ukpo and his team, to the extent of Freezing his accounts.

In order to seek for Justice and defend himself, he took a step to petition the AIG Zone 13 Ukpo headquarters, Anambra State.

Ichie Sir Izuchukwu Nwabueze is demanding for Justice!

Everything that ndi anambra needs to know about this sudden arrest and Blackmail were all pened down in this petition. We expect you to Just calm down and read through it.

But before then, I would want to give you some highlighted points: gathered that The 3 persons in this picture of blackmail and character assacination are:

  1. Dan Mallam Mohammed (AIG Zone 13 Ukpo headquarters), who is so much interested in embezzling the money contributed for the Building project of the Residential quarters for Superior Officers in Zone 13 Ukpo, of which ichie Izuchukwu Nwabueze Refused.
  2. Archbishop Alexander Ibezim. Who wants to be given the authority to be the only Bishop that will be posting priests, especially priests that will be loyal to him in that Zone 13 Chaplaincy(Protestants), due to any outcome. But This Ichie Izuchukwu Nwabueze Refused.
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3 Prince Emeka Eze is the opposition leader in Ukpo PG election and a good Ally to Archbishop Alexander Ibezim. He have sworn not to see Ichie Izuchukwu Nwabueze become the Next PG of Ukpo Community.

Remember that Ichie Izuchukwu Nwabueze is the Chairman of Ukpo ceremonies committee under the Auspices of which some major events and project are handled by the Ukpo community, and have been serving very well since 2018 till this Date.
Due to of his outstanding performance in previous years of service, he was made the Chairman of Police Chaplaincy Stakeholders forum, Zone 13 Police headquarters Ukpo Anambra State, and as such accountable to Ukpo Community. He will be held responsible if anything goes wrong.

On the course of discharging his duties as the Chairman, the AIG wanted to deviate his attention on the proposed project handed over to him by the Ukpo Community out of selfishness.

There is a proposed Police Residential quarters, of which different personalities in Ukpo made donations for the project to start; this is to help the AIG and other Superior officers not to have issues concerning accommodation as they discharge their duties.The location of the property where the Police residential quarters will be built was donated by Chief Anayo Ejem, out of his magnanimity.

Ichie Izuchukwu Nwabueze said “to my greatest surprise, the AIG Zone 13 called me to his office and was telling me to hand over all the funds generated for the project. That he prefers to be staying in a nearby hotel instead of that quarters. “Moreover, he is expecting promotion and will soon leave zone 13 by 2021″. But Ichie Nwabueze replied ” what will happen to another AIG that will come if he leaves”. The AIG was giving an example stating that he stayed in a hotel throughout the time he served in Enugu State as a commissioner of police. But Ichie Izuchukwu Nwabueze Refused to grant him that request. He made him to understand that he is not accountable to him; that the people of Ukpo Community will ask him to render account of that project.

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This was the beginning of his issue with the AIG, who suddenly tagged Ichie Izuchukwu Nwabueze as his enemy.

Here is the story about his issue with Archbishop Alexander Ibezim:

Before the beginning of that project (Zone 13 Ukpo headquarters), Ichie Izuchukwu Nwabuezeas, who is the chairman of the Police Chaplaincy Stakeholders forum, Zone 13 Ukpo, first went to Archbishop Alexander Ibezim for assistance on the Said project, but the Bishop refused to assist unless Ichie Izuchukwu Nwabueze accept to go by his condition that he will be the only Bishop posting priests there. Note the chaplaincy is a “Protestants” and it won’t be nice if other Bishops is being denied the opportunity to post a priest there. But Archbishop Alexander Ibezim insisted that if not him, then he is not going to assist in the project.

By the special Grace of God, another Anglican Bishop in Anambra State offered to assist, and was later invited to come and commission the chaplaincy. This brought an issue between Ichie Izuchukwu Nwabueze and Archbishop Alexander Ibezim; that was where Archbishop Alexander Ibezim tagged Ichie Izuchukwu Nwabueze an enemy for not inviting him for the commissioning of the chaplaincy, instead of going to invite another Bishop who he claimed is not loyal to him.

It was discovered that Archbishop Alexander Ibezim called Ichie Izuchukwu Nwabueze, and told him never to allow the appointment of one Rev. Sixtus onwuka to Zone 13 Ukpo Chaplaincy. Simply because Rev. Sixtus onwuka was ordained by the Other Bishop who is not Loyal to him. But all his effort to truncate that process did not work.

Remember that Prince Emeka Eze is an unsuccessful House of Representatives aspirant and also an Ally to Archbishop Alexander Ibezim. He is the leader of opposition in the race for who will be the next PG Ukpo community, and have sworn never to see Ichie Izuchukwu Nwabueze becomes the next PG of Ukpo Community. Moreover, lot’s of recommendations are already coming from different quarters, which made it obvious that Ichie izuchukwu Nwabueze will emerge the winner of the election.

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But due to the fact that Prince Emeka Eze and Archbishop Alexander Ibezim have already seen Ichie Izuchukwu Nwabueze as an enemy, they acted through surrogates, cooked up a baseless allegations of fraud against Ichie Izuchukwu Nwabueze to the AIG Zone 13 Ukpo headquarters, who is also an Ally to the ArchBishop.

This was when the AIG See’s it as an opportunity to deal with Ichie Izuchukwu Nwabueze because of their recent relationship.

You will recall that all this incidents of sudden arrest and intimidation of Ichie Izuchukwu Nwabueze, happened some days after he published a letter of resignation from the Anglican Nighthood.

Ichie Izuchukwu Nwabueze was arrested without a proper order, but was also tortured and blackmailed in different forms.

The Igwe of Ukpo, H.R.H Igwe R.C Eze, requested the AIG Zone 13 Ukpo and his men to stop their purported investigation, restating to them that the project is an Ukpo community project for which Ichie Izuchukwu Nwabueze is accountable to the community. But because the AIG has already been compromised and also with his hatred for Ichie Izuchukwu Nwabueze for not granting his request, he refused to allow justice to prevail.

The AIG is doing all this things now with his fellow senior officers in zone 13, and also planning to remand him with another allegations of kidnapping and murder.

It was revealed that the AIG and his team are planning to arrest him again on the 23 October, 2020.

“I never believed that an Archbishop will be part of this type of Unholy act of wickedness and humiliation”, he added.

Ichie Izuchukwu Nwabueze is seeking for Justice. “they have all succeeded in painting his Imagine black in the community and Anambra State at large”. But justice must prevail this time.

All the informations needed about this petitions are all available, he added.

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