Chairman Lee of HWPL and SCJ (2)
Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL Calling for Concerted Action to Build a Peaceful World
South Korea's fertility rate falls to the lowest in the world
Religious leaders participated in the online prayer meeting(1)
Religious Leaders from 19 Countries United in Prayer To Overcome COVID-19
World Interfaith Online Prayer Conference Is Set To Call for Overcoming COVID-19
donating plasma in Daegu (6)
Baseo Panday, former Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobego
Joint Letter to the UN Secretary General
Lee Man-hee, the leader of the Shincheonji church, held a news conference in Gapyeong, South Korea, on Monday.Credit- Pool photo, via Getty Images
Shincheonji Church of Jesus South Korea
HWPL - Plasma Donation For Vaccine of COVID-19 (1)
2 Dead, Scores InJured In a Nightclub Building Collapse In South Korea
South Korea fires warning shots at Russian military aircraft
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