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The Honourable Minister for Science and Technology Chief Geoffrey Nnaji met with Cuban Minister Perezi to discuss Bilateral Relations

The Honourable Minister for Science and Technology Chief Geoffrey Nnaji Earlier met with Cuban Minister, Perezi To Discuss Bilateral RelationsAhead of the G77+China Leaders’ Summit starting Friday, September 15, I met with my counterpart from the Republic of Cuba.

The said meeting was hinged on the need for Nigeria to consolidate her existing bilateral relationship with the Cuban government. At the meeting between myself and my colleague from the Carribean country, Ms.C Elba Rosá Perezi Montoya, the need was emphasised, to further strengthen the existing relationships between the two countries which he affirmed we share a lot in common.

He expressed the readiness of the Bola Ahmed Tinubu-led government to consolidate on the hitherto harmonious extant relationship with the Republic of Cuba.

Prominent among areas of discussion between us Include;✅ Biotechnology ✅ Scientific Investigation and Innovation ✅ Technological Development ✅ Human Resources Development ✅ Specialists’ Exchange in the area of Science and Technology ✅ Technology Transference for Development, and✅ Other Areas Both Parties Consider Suitable At the end of the brief meeting we both expressed optimism on more collaborative efforts that will engender developments for the growth of the two countries.*-UGN**#G77+ChinaSummit


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