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  1. INNOSON VEHICLE: The vehicles are manufactured in Nnewi and 70% of the parts are produced locally, while the rest are sourced from Japan, China, and Germany. Among IVM’s popular vehicle models are the five-seaters Fox (1.5-litre engine) and Umu (2-litre engine) as well as the mini-bus Uzo, IVM Caris, IVM Carrier truck, IVM Ikenga, etc. Most Innoson motors are widely patronized by government for security purposes, utility, etc. Recently, the governor of Anambra state chose Innoson’s IVM G80 as his official car.
  2. CUTIX: Cutix Cables are in PVC single cables, PVC Power Cables, PVC Flexible Cables, PVC Flat Cables, PVC Insulated Single/Double Sheathed-Core Aluminium Cable, armoured Cables, Non-armoured Cables, Aluminium Cables, Automotive Cables, Bare Stranded Copper conductors complete product range of high-quality cables, and much more. They are manufactured in Nnewi and are widely used in Nigeria. It is the number one electrical cable brand in West Africa.
  3. COSRICE: Classified as 100% Sortexed long-grain parboiled rice is in hot demand and making waves in the Nigerian food market. Though barely 5 years in the market, it is among the best rice brand in the country. The rice processing is done at Coscharis Rice Mill at Igbariam in Anambra East Local Government Area of Anambra state.
  4. DR. ALADDIN’S SEVEN KEYS HERBAL MIXTURE: A herbal combination which is used to treat skin rashes in kids like chicken pox, measles, small pox, etc. The product is manufactured in Onitsha by F.A Ike & Sons and has been in existence since 1954. It is virtually in every pharmaceutical store in Nigeria and reputed to be one of the oldest products from Onitsha.
  5. TUMMY-TUMMY NOODLES: is a high quality noodle brand produced by Kotech Nigeria LTD, which has headquarters in Nnewi. Tummy-Tummy used to be a dominant noodle brand only in the South East but by adding varieties of flavor of the noodle brand which come in different sizes, has expanded its tentacles across Nigeria and even some West African countries.
  6. TIGER SPICES: is a food seasoning brand found virtually in every kitchen in Nigeria. The spices are manufactured by Tiger Foods LTD and have its factory located along Onitsha/Owerri Road, Onitsha. It has a lot of varieties of products including Tiger Herbs, Tiger Curry Masala,Tiger Nutmeg, Bayleaves, Cinnamon, garlic powder, ginger powder, thyme leaves, turmeric powder, etc.
  7. JEZCO OIL: Jezco Oil Nigeria Limited is located in Awka, Anambra State. The range of lubricants has been embraced by Nigerians because of their pocket friendly prices and their quality. It is among the most visible lubricants in the Nigerian auto market and can be found almost everywhere in the country even in the interior north. The product ranges from engine oil to ATFs.
  8. HERO BEER: HERO Beer is one of the leading beer brands that is under the production of Inta-fact Brewery, Onitsha, a subsidiary of SABMiller, the world largest brewers. HERO lager is taking control both in sales and consumption because of its great taste and quality in Nigeria. It is maintaining a wide market share in South-South and South East and beginning to gain market dominance in the middle belt and FCT.
  9. OMEGA AROMATIC SCHNAPP: Omega Schnapps is a crystal clear Aromatic Schnapps that elicits consumers’ satisfaction because of its characteristics taste and flavour. Omega aromatic Schnapps is the product of Eastern Distilleries, Onitsha, a subsidiary of Krisoral Group. It is a widely marketed product across the country.
  10. IJELE TEA: Ijele Tea is made from dehydrated lemon dried ginger roots, dried hibiscus sabdariffa and dried bitter leaf. It is the number one tea brand produced in Nnewi, Anambra state and it is widely gaining market dominance. The tea comes in three varieties, lemon, hibiscus and bitter leaf and can be found in all the shopping malls and hyper markets in Nigeria.
  11. AZ OIL: a wide range of automotive lubricants and solvents which are distributed via her network of branches and deports in over 30 cities in Nigeria and overseas. It is manufactured by the Chicason Group with its factory in Nnewi, Anambra state.
  12. ISOL: is a powerful germicidal product produced by Hardis & Dromedas LTD which has their head office at Umunya, Anambra State. A well-advertised product, it is currently in use in major teaching hospitals in Nigeria and according to the manufacturers, they are finding it difficult to meet up with demand across the country. It is a major brand competitor to Izal and has dislodged their market share in some cities across Nigeria.
  13. GBC MURPHY RANGE OF PRODUCTS: GBC Murphy products range from Air Fresheners, Fabric Care Products, Home Care Products, Body Care Products, Perfumes, Body Fragrance and aerosols. GBC Murphy Limited commenced business in 1997 in Onitsha, Anambra State and has created over 31 depots across the 36 states of the country.
  14. LEMON FRESH: Lemon fresh is a product of Emos Best Industries Limited, a top-notch cosmetics manufacturing company located in Nkwelle, Anambra state, Nigeria. Lemon fresh’s Topsy Sun burn protection and antiseptic & hand shower gel are the company’s flagship products found in super markets and hyper markets in Nigeria.
  15. ALL DAY AND DOOBAI DEODORANTS: All Day and Doobai deodorants are products of Kates Associated Industries Limited, a company that provides wide range of personal hygiene products. Located in Niger Bridge Head Industrial Layout, Ogbaru, Anambra State, the company has a wide range of products which are currently in use in Nigeria.
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Paying Social Media Jobs
Paying Social Media Jobs
Paying Social Media Jobs