2019 : Alter Of Mbaka, Not Of God, Scamming Nigerian Politicians

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By Wisdom Nwedene

There has been an outrage online after a video of self acclaimed Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka circulated the media space.

In the video, Mbaka can be seen disgracing and humiliating former Governor of Anambra State, Chief Peter Obi for refusing to make tangible donation despite the governor telling him (Mbaka) to show him where to do a project for the church.

Watching the video, tears rolled down my cheeks, seeing what Rev. Fathers, pastors have turned churches into. They have turned churches into money making machine (MMM).

In fact, churches have turned where pastors and Rev. Fathers use in scamming most of Nigerian politicians.

In the video, Mbaka said Atiku and Peter Obi will end in shame if they continue with the way they are moving,”that’s is if they continue not giving him money “.

When Obi left the event, Mbaka himself admitted that he humiliated Peter Obi because of his support for President Muhammad Buhari and said if Buhari doesn’t change, he will be changed. This is what is coming out from the mouth of man of God.

He further said that God doesn’t like stinginess.

My question to Mbaka is, how can someone who told you to show him where to do a project be a stingy person? How? To me, Obi is a not stingy person but doesn’t want to make a promise which he can’t fulfill. If you doubt me, you can check his track record when he was a governor of Anambra.

Obi is known to be a man who doesn’t like to spend lavishly and Mbaka should have let him be instead of disgracing him.

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Finally, from recent video, it is crystal clear that it is alter of Mbaka, not of God that he is using to scam gullible politicians.

To his followers, be wise.

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