5 people beheaded, their heads displayed on road in Ahoada, Rivers State

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Unknown gunmen suspected to be members of the Icelanders cult group have beheaded five people in Edeoha town in Ahoada East Local Government Area of Rivers State.

It was gathered that a herbalist named Uwuma Ichocho aka Igwu who specializes in the extraction of bullets via traditional means from victims of gunshots was the target of the attack. A source disclosed that Ichocho was being patronized by two rival cult groups: the GreenLanders and the Icelanders.

The gunmen had got Information that some members of a rival cult group with gunshots were hiding at the home of Uwuma Ichocho allegedly for treatment of injuries suffered in a recent shot out between the two cult groups. The gunmen stormed Ichocho’s home around 1am this morning but discovered that their primary targets were already treated and discharged. They then descended on Ichocho and his household killing two of his workers, his son, his son’s friend and son to a police officer from a nearby Olakpata village who came on a visit, shot one of his wives and amputated both hands of the second wife.

The five men had their heads chopped off and bodies burnt in a room belonging to the Herbalist who was also killed. The heads were then dropped at a busy junction on Eketa road.

The cult war in Ahoada LGA has lingered with rival cult groups killing for supremacy. Same today, about 18 persons were allegedly also killed in a related cult clash in a nearby town in same local government area.

This cult wars extend to neighboring LGA’s like Onelga that has also witnessed gruesome killings in recent times.


As at the time of filling this report, the state police PRO could not be reached via phone but our sources are backed up with numerous testimonies accompanied with pictures and eye witness confirmations.

Source: Reports Afrique 

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3 Comments on 5 people beheaded, their heads displayed on road in Ahoada, Rivers State

  1. OMG… I think they need to stop these evil people calling themselves cultist .. these is so scaring seeing heads on the ground .. what an insecurity state of our nation

  2. This is so painful and terrible! My condolence to this family, May their souls rest in peace. God help us all…

  3. This is so sad, it is absolutely in human and barbaric, cult clash has been like that anyway, this is as a result of insecurity in the state, imaging the reporter even trying to reach the Police PRO and his number could not be reached.

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