“A New Era Begins: OGITECH Welcomes New Rector”

It is not just about having dreams and aspirations, it is to see those dreams come to realization neither it is not how quick but how well. This is the case with the Ogun State Institute Of Technology, Igbesa which after several months of anticipation and quest for a perfect continua after the era of Engr. Dr. Olufunke Olanike Akinkurolere cracked the code and can finally breathe a sigh of relief as a new Rector has been appointed into the institution as the third substansive Rector of the institute, Dr Abiodun Babtunde Oluseye who was inaugurated on the 28th August, 2023 at the institution Conference Room.

With fresh ideas, a proven track record, and a deep commitment to the institution’s mission, the new Rector is poised to lead the Polytechnic into a new era of excellence and innovation. As students and faculty alike eagerly await the start of this new chapter, there is a palpable sense of excitement and enthusiasm in the air. The Polytechnic is about to embark on a journey of transformation under the guidance of a dynamic and visionary leader.

In his words, the institution is not in a good state especially with the looks of the road as he compared the road with an agricultural site full of bushes but his arrival will bring developement to the citadel of learning as he promised that everything will be in good conditions.

As the polytechnic embarks on this new chapter under the guidance of Dr Abiodun, it is clear that exciting times lie ahead, With a focus on innovation, industry partnerships, and student success, the future looks brighter than ever for this esteemed institution.

With a vision to nurture the next generation of skilled professionals, The new Rector has outlined several key goals for his tenure as Rector. These include enhancing the polytechnic’s collaboration with industry partners, refining and expanding its curriculum to meet industry demands, Infacstructure, fostering a culture of innovations which he described as Ilaro standard.

As a Communication expert with extensive knowledge of the media, he also disclosed his plan for the mass communication department, saying that “one of my major plans towards this Institute is to stage an effective radio studio and make sure information is aired.”

Emmanuel Afolabi

Emmanuel Oluwatomisin Afolabi (EOA) is a reporter with 9News Nigeria. A young and dynamic minister and lover of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He served as the Editor & Production Manager of the Voice Magazine. He obtained his National Diploma from the department of Mass communication, Ogun State Institute Of Technology, IGBESA (OGITECH), and studied Journalism and Media Studies at Alison (Online Course) HND in View. He is a Political Analyst and the Keynote Speaker - Let's Talk Politics. He is happily blessed with his parent, Revd &Pst Mrs Daniel Afolabi and his younger ones, Timileyin & Mary Afolabi. Phone number: 08131194469 Instagram & Facebook - Emmanuel Oluwatomisin Afolabi Email:

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