Abolish tithing, baptism, communion, anointing oil in Christendom – Pastor Abel Damina

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A new generation clergy, Pastor (Dr) Abel Damina, Presiding Pastor of Power Chapel now known as Power City International based in Akwa Ibom State, who in about two years ago started opposing and being adverse to what were parts of the doctrines, rudiments and practices of his church founded in Uyo in late 1980s, is also calling for the abolishment of tithing, baptism, communion, anointing oil and white wedding in Christendom.

Dr. Damina tele-evangelism and radio sermon known as Riot Invation of Truth started in all Akwa Ibom airwaves in mid 2000 and gradually snowballed into in-depth philosophical research completely adverse to the day today Christian faith.

Abel Damina today’s teaching gets Christians wondering whether he has not been co-opted by strange spirits militating against the Kingdom of God on earth.

Dr. Damina made so much fortunes in Akwa Ibom State through Tithing, but today he says this rudiment should be discontinued in Christendom.

His calls on the abolishment of tithing has prompted Akwa Ibom Christian community to ask Damina to return all the wealth he made through Tithing.

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Paying Social Media Jobs
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