Akwa Ibom State Govt says PWAN estates in airport road is illegal Warns developer, buyers, threatened demolition

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The Akwa Ibom State Government has triggered an alarm of warning and plans to demolish individuals’ buildings and estates proposed by corporate developers encroaching on Government lands at Victor Attah International Airport road.

The Honourable Commissioner for Lands and Water Resources Arc Ime Ekpo revealed government’s intentions when Journalists from Nsit Ubium extraction paid him a courtesy visit in his office on August 18, 2020

Underscoring one of such encroachment, Arc. Ekpo said there’s one of such estate developers whose proposed estate is situated after Akwa Ibom State Government proposed “Luxury Estate” otherwise known as Dakkada Smart City.

The Commissioner for Lands and Water Resources said the unapproved proposed estate situated after Dakkada Smart City is illegal. He further emphasized that Akwa Ibom State Government has not approved any other estate in airport road. In his word on tape with 9News Editor covering Akwa Ibom and Cross River States, Arc Ekpo said not even Uruan Area Branch Authority has approved any estate to any corporate estate developer in airport road, not to mention his office referring to the Ministry of Land and Water Resources.

The Commissioner warned that any other estate built on the airport road will be demolished because the government has not approved any such estate and does not plan to do so.

Arc. Ekpo further made an appeal to Journalists at the courtesy visit to alert buyers and intending buyers to steer clear the Akwa Ibom State airport road cadastral plan which does not have any other approved estate than what the State Government intents to build. Recording Arc Ime Ekpo on tape, the Commissioner said the illegal estate promoter at the airport road always tell gullible buyers that if they buy five plots of lands they will get one free. He said these promoters are fraudulent and intent to run away with buyers’ money.

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To hear the side of the story of the estate developer alleged to encroach on government lands at the airport road, 9News Nigeria news Editor went to PWAN GROUP office at 174 Ikot Ekpene Road in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State to cross-check the Commissioner’s allegations.
PWAN GROUP is the estate developer whose prime area of development is Victor Attah International Airport road. PWAN GROUP is the estate developers whose properties are to sit on the location described by the Commissioner for Lands and Water Resources. PWAN intents to build seven separate estates on the airport road and within the perrifery of Uruan Local Government Area. And that is the area Akwa Ibom State Government says it has not allotted any land therein to locate and situate estates.

Two attempts yesterday to get the Head of PWAN GROUP in its Uyo office was not successful. The Head of PWAN GROUP evaded 9News Nigeria Editor with excuses such that he was on an endless meeting.

As it’s a tradition in Journalism to get both sides of the story before going to Press, 9News Nigeria came back today’s morning to meet the Head of PWAN GROUP in Uyo.

But in a manner which does not portray the character of any corporate management anywhere in the world, the Group boss came out fuming like a volcano toward 9News Nigeria reporter in their waiting room: “Who is the man looking for me, are you the one looking for me, are you one looking for me…”. In a subtle voice the Reporter said Yes, and started explaining his mission to the fuming tiger while other staff came out in surprise, stood at arm length to watch their raging boss.
As the reporter barely finished his explanation expecting the boss to be civil in his response, the inexperienced boss rather walked away from the Journalist. Came back three minutes later and violently ordered 9News Nigeria News Editor out from the office.
His words: Leave this office now, leave this office now, why do come to this office repeatedly over this matter, did they sent you? who is the Commissioner for Land?…

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9News Nigeria editorial team and our esteemed readership, it’s worthy to acknowledge that it’s only the living that can write news. At such when PWAN GROUP thug looking guy heading their Uyo ordered the reporter out of his office, he has to leave for fear of been mobbed, so that he can write another day.

But the remark here as presented to us as unlookers and assessors of PWAN GROUP is that promoter of the conscience and image of this company in Akwa Ibom State has put their services and intents completely in doubt and goes to embolden us to carry out the directives of the Akwa Ibom State Ministry of Land and Water Resources to discourage the public from patronizing this company.

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