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The best way to look for trouble is to speak the truth and confront liars, they will gang up against you- Anonymous

Actions have consequences. The charade called PDP primary has come and gone but the negative effect will hunt the party for a long time and may cost them this election. Obviously, PDP has not learnt any lessons from the previous elections. It is said that the party usually loses against itself because of implosion after every primary election. It has become an albatross on its neck, the refusal to allow the tenets of internal democracy take root in its affairs. Candidly, no party can survive without internal democracy and at all times, the essence of democracy has always been the enthronement of the wishes of the majority, even when the minority have their say. The reverse is an aberation. But the reverse seems to be the case with PDP which has hijacked the party structure for the entrenching of the wishes of a minuscule few. The party has jettisoned its motto which is power to the people to now power to the minority cabal. A situation where the statutory delegates and adhoc delegates who have kept faith with the party through thick and thin and have remained the foot soldiers of the party were disenfranchised to favor a particular candidate spells doom for the party.

Internal democracy is the beauty of the political process and it is the reason most parties today are taking recourse to direct election because it enhances inclusion, making every party member have a sense of belonging and a voice in the electoral process. It also ensures that the contestants know where the real power lies and where their allegiance should be.


In the case of the primary election on Saturday, it was completely clear that the party faithfuls wanted Dr Maduka because he activated the party. PDP was on life support in Anambra state, gasping for breathe. Dr Maduka’s entrance, his tour of the 21 local governments twice and his wide acceptance sent shivers down the spine of Anambra political actors. He pitched his tent with the people because power belongs to the people. They are the sovereign. His belief, philosophy and reason for joining politics have always remained improving the lot of the people.

Unfortunately, a small group of people whose interests in the electoral process has nothing to do with the people hijacked the party structure, ganging up against Dr Maduka to produce a predetermined result. The unintended consequences of their actions is that the disenfranchised party faithfuls sensing injustice have decided to go wherever Maduka has chosen to be. Going as far as using super delegates of about 167 people which list was changed almost three times on the morning of the said election can only give the party a candidate that is a product of a flawed process(a stooge). It is the height of manipulation. Free and fair, Dr Godwin Maduka would have beaten anybody in that election, but this is not entirely about Dr Maduka, it is a sheer coup and a gang up against the people and against societal progress,which Dr Maduka represents.

Once a foundation is faulty, the building process is compromised. That primary election is compromised, and nothing good can come out of that faulty foundation.

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Paying Social Media Jobs
Paying Social Media Jobs
Paying Social Media Jobs