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Historically, the month of November is significant and symbolic to Ndigbo’s hostoric struggle for freedom, equity and equal opportunity in the Nigerian sociopolitical template. While the legendary great Zik of Africa, the courageous and sensational Ojukwu and maverick Francis A. Nzeribe were born in November, the Anambra election will be taking place a day after the birthday anniversary of yours sincerely.

Politically, Anambra State is now the focus of attention as it goes to the poll tomorrow to determine what happens to the future of the State in the next four years. Anambra holds a lot of importance to the people of South East and Nigeria however way it is looked at. No wonder the attention shift.

The contenders representing the major political parties in the game are no push overs and have acquitted themselves in one endeavor or another, thus the keen contest.

For some time now, the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) have made the state its fortress, the only state its presence is strongly felt in the country. But everything appears to indicate that it will lose the monopoly this time by tomorrow. Anambra election is significant for Ndigbo because it sign posts its readiness to actualize the dream of producing an Igbo president which the South East has been clamouring for.

There is no better time to grab the opportunity than now that it beckons. Anambra election is the first right foot to put.

A zone that is clamouring for power rotation is expected to put every foot right leaving no opportunity to chance. Those who root for APGA to maintain their hold are only interested in the narrow individualistic political concern at the expense of the broader interest of ndi Igbo.

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At a period, every average well-meaning Igbo man is desirous of steering the wheel of political vehicle of this nation drowning ethnic interest and promoting national interest is of utmost priority, hence the conscientious, brilliant and strategic effort by Governor Hope Uzodinma to mobilize the greater percentage of our people into the larger national ship which the All Progressives Congress (APC) represents.

Identifying ourselves with the centre of action through strong participation would certainly provide us with the leverage to contest for a larger portion of the national cake as well as claim everything that rightfully belongs to us. In the Nigeria’s political sphere, APGA is like an inconsequential, occupying a small space even among the Igbo it claims to represent its interest.

The PDP is like a withering tree tothering and risks collapse any moment.

The massive influx of people from its fold into the APC everywhere you go (apologies to MTN) speaks volumes. More of its people and structures reports indicate, will still collapse into the ruling party. The loss of APGA’s deputy governor and six legislators with their constituents and supporters is enough message to Anambra people to make hay while the Sun shines.

Anambra people are highly reckoned as wise and intelligent people who makes good choices and decisions that guarantee them huge succeses in business and other endeavors. There is no doubt that they would bring that to bear in tomorrow’s election.

A new APC governor in Anambra, plus Dave Umahi of Ebonyi and ever hard working irrepressible Gov Hope Uzodimma of Imo, the chances of Ndigbo securing the presidential ticket would further be strengthened and consolidated.

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Politics is a game of numbers and unfortunately Ndigbo appears naturally shortchanged in both the number of states, the population and the registered voters. It cannot further withdraw itself by voting APGA with all the baggages and yet expect to reap from the support of others.

To improve the stake of Ndigbo there is every reason for Anambra people to join the national conversation through the instrumentality of the ruling party-the All Progresssives Congress (APC). For ndi Anambra, voting APC tomorrow will broaden the political landscape of unlimited opportunities, economic prosperity and human empowerment. Fortunately, Senator Andy Uba, the governorship candidate of APC is an experienced administrator, skilled power broker and seasoned political team player who have an established network and goodwill across the niger to leverage on for the collective interest of Anambra state in particular and Ndigbo in general.

The political movement of former governors of Anambra moment after living office, points to the incontrovertible fact that AGPA in an instrument for the actualization of the narrow interest of it’s operators. All the former governors elected on the APGA platform had all joined a national party immediately after leaving office to engage in national competitiveness- the outgoing governor Willie Obiano will not be an exception!. It is time for brothers and sisters in Anambra to wake up and take their destiny in their hands. There is no better time to do so than now.

It is on this note we call on all Anambrians to file out in their numbers tomorrow November 6, and break the shackles of political stagnation and isolation of over 16 years of their collective life.

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