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By Mmiri Jesus.

I have read so many narratives concerning the PDP Anambra State suspending Chief Chris Uba (Eselu Uga) and his counterpart Chief Linus Ukachukwu on grounds of anti-party related activities and truncating the party chances of winning elections in the state.

Many has argued that the party in Anambra state led by the acting Chairman Chief Okey Asolo should Have allowed the ward of which the duo’s are from to initiate their suspension and discplinary action, while some other group has argued that the 30 days suspension is only cheap,  that the likes of Chief Chris and his counterpart, Chief Linus should be outrightly dismissed from the party.

*My response:* may I refer you to the Constitution of the peoples Democratic party as amended in 2017 Chapter 10, Section 57 of the Displinary Procedure, subsection 3 which says and I quote:
“The Working Committee at any level of the Party, and the Executive
Committee (at the Ward Level) may, after preliminary hearings,
suspend a member from the Party for a period not exceeding one
month, during which period the member so suspended. shall lose his
right to contest any election, and shall be referred to the appropriate
Disciplinary Committee.”

From the above refferred Constitution of the PDP, as amended in 2017, the Anambra state caretaker executives led by Chief Okey Asolo is in order for suspending the trouble makers of PDP Anambra for the period of 30 days.

From the referenced PDP Constitution as Amended in 2017 above, all the level (including the wards) of the party structure is entitled to suspend and trial any of her erring member. Kudos to the current Anambra PDP caretaker Committee for having such an in-depth knowledge of the party’s Constitution.

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The 30 days suspension as indicated in the PDP Constitution is to enable the accused an opportunity for fair hearing and coming up with a tangible defence or face appropriate sanction as deemed fit by the discplinary Committee.

The Truth of the matter is that the current Anambra PDP executive  decision yesterday has finally sealed a six inches nail on the coffin of the many troubles of Eselu Uga and his collabrators with this 30 days suspension, despite the fact that fingers point to a powerful governor and some members of the national working Committee who are with him as co- conspirators and major sponsors.

The cock has come home to roast and I am sure various PDP members in Anambra, who are bittered with the behavior and destabilizing antics of Chief Chris Uba and Linus Ukachukwu respectively are already jubilating as the long awaited discplinary arm of the party is about to restore peace and stability back to PDP in the state.

Mmiri Jesus.

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