As Insecurity In The South-East Worsens, Lagos Economy Will Receive Massive Boost During Christmas Season – Experts

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Welcome to Lagos
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As Insecurity, killings and banditry surge in South-Eastern Nigeria especially in Anambra state, Experts in the National Economy and Statistics have predicted that Igbo rich men and those in diaspora returning for the Yuletide will spend much of their time in Lagos state leading to a surge in the economy of Lagos State.

By Princely Onyenwe

Lagos (9News Nigeria) – Experts in the National Economy and Statistics have projected Lagos state economy boost to have a higher margin and massive increase in the upcoming festive season in Nigeria.

This revelation came at a workshop held in Lagos State to address bankruptcy and Insecurity in the country.

Speaking at the event, Lagos State was marked as the state that will receive a massive boost- in December.

This projected boost in Lagos income value is not because of extra-statutory allocation, VAT or IGR but by the millions of Dollars, Pounds & Euros that Igbos abroad coming back for Christmas will be spending in Lagos which will be their final bus stop when they come into the country.

It was revealed that having the tense situations in the South-East zone of the country, Igbos all over the countries of the world will not like to risk their lives on insecurity and killings trending in the south-eastern region.

Experts hinted that the people will not dare come home to Igboland with their children and mostly foreign wives for fear of kidnappers & unknown gunmen they are funding in Igboland.

In such a scenario, family members who wish to see them will have to travel to Lagos and more people trooping into Lagos state will definitely increase their economy.

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However, Weddings, Chieftaincy Installation ceremonies, Masquerade Festivals, Iwa Akwa ceremonies, Burials, Opening of new houses, launching of community projects and a whole lot of activities keep Igboland in fanfare throughout the Yuletide.

Hotels in Enugu and Owerri were all usually fully booked by November while restaurants, bars, musicians, traders & transporters etc make in two weeks 100 times more revenue than they made a whole year.

Now, Lagos will be the ultimate gainer while Igboland continues to deplete into a ghost land for the sake of attack by hoodlums.

This according to the south East zone is a pathetic shame the outcome of contrived bitterness, wilful ignorance and sponsored hate by own brothers.

The pressure Insecurity has deposited in the zone particularly the recent assassination of innocent citizens in Anambra state is alarming and no Diasporian will like to risk his or her life to come visiting the south East than relocating to Lagos State to enjoy the Christmas season.

And this is a call to the Nigerian Government to look inwards and address the challenges of assassination, attacks on innocent citizens and banditry in the South East.

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