Breaking: Associates Reveal Reason For Okorocha’s Arrest By EFCC (Read through)

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By Princely Onyenwe, Abuja

Controversy bedevilling Senator Rochas Okorocha’s Arrest by EFCC has continued to dominate the public range having gathered series of reactions from NIGERIANs.

Meanwhile, Information reveales that the real reason he was arrested is so that he won’t participate in the APC primaries, Abazu reveales.

In this revelation by Obazu, Okorocha was said to have been arrested unduly while the EFCC said his arrest was official.

Read through:

He was never invited as they falsely fed the public. Court date is six days away so they can even arrest him after screening and still meet up with court date but that was not the case, the real essence of forcing the arrest yesterday was to stop the screening.

Justice Ekwo did not ask them to arrest Okorocha but to serve him court papers. So they actually came and opted for arrest. Okorocha asked them if there are papers to serve they said No. That order came from above to arrest him without warrant at that critical time.

Okorocha did not jump bail because the case for which he was arrested initially was already concluded in his favour in court and efcc was ordered by court to pay him 500million for false accusations, and further directed them to leave okorocha alone , this is another case altogether and he hasn’t been invited or served any court processes prior to the invasion.
Meanwhile if he is really on administrative bail like you claim, his surties will have been asked to produce or you apply to court for warrant of arrest but EFCC did none of that. They just went straight.

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Many believe that bringing southeast APC aspirants together under one roof gave rise to that invasion, and remember okorocha made a statement on national TV a night to that arrest , claiming that he has Spoken to almost all the delegates one on one, and he was the only aspirant to do that, this was when he was asked why he is not going state by state like others.

The truth remains that he is a big threat, perhaps the only threat in Southeast. I am not surprised at his political arrest but only surprised at the timing.

They knew okorocha will eventually will the case, he may even press damages and win but whatever reason that made them to force this arrest yesterday without prior invitation or warrant may be bigger than the consequences. And I think that is the presidency.

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