Breaking: Gbenga Aruleba Writes-Planned Attacks By Terrorists On Abuja Are Imminent

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From Princely Onyenwe, Abuja

Following a tip-off to the security agencies on the alleged planned attack by terrorists on ABUJA Nigeria, alot of speculations and confusions have dominated the air waves and based on that, it will be of the best interest of the security intelligence to beef up efforts to avert such action incase it happens.

On the perceived rumour therefore an Abuja resident, Gbenga Aruleba Wrote. Read Him:

I believe planned attacks by terrorists on Abuja are imminent. Today, I saw two guys on motorcycle inside Lifecamp.

Everything about them, the bike, their looks and their movements had all the telltale signs of bandits and terrorists that we have seen.

I followed them as they were driving round from one road to another and when they noticed I had been following them for quite a while, they sped off and dissappeared inside the area, so close to the FCT ministers official residence.

My instinct on issues like this hardly fail me.We are indeed not safe. My worry is that the government is giving us a FALSE SENSE of security in Abuja. There is nothing to show any preparedness, beyond the usual regime protection.

Recall the trending video of infiltrators that stormed ABUJA to disrupt the planned NLC protest yesterday Tuesday. It was an
audio call of unidentified terrorists planning to infiltrate NLC protest in Abuja.

Just as students of various hostels within the Zuba and Gwagwalada areas of Abuja are preparing to join the Nigeria Labour Congress Protest in Abuja on Tuesday morning, a vital audio conversation between a supposed Motorcyclist and terrorist emanated.

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Listening to the voice recording, the alleged terrorist was asking the motorcyclist (Okada rider) how many of their members he had conveyed to the take off venue of the protest (NLC Headquarters, Abuja) and the motorcyclist answered by saying 21.

However Information reveales that some bus drivers loading students in Zuba for the protest declined to carry students to the venue at the hearing of the information of the alleged planned terrorist attack.

It is no longer a news that insecurity is a great challenge in Nigeria and it is expected of the Government to help out and improve the security intelligence for the safety of all.

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