Breaking: Okada Man Returns Missing #700,000 In Delta State.

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It’s a thing of joy yesterday 14/09/2020 in oghareki quarter in oghara Ethiope West, Delta State as okada man return a missing 700k to the woman who owns it at oghareki

The okada man carried the woman in his bike, So the woman stopped and enter oghareki market, the okada man notice that something fell off the woman’s hand.

In less than 5Minutes the woman’s notice she has lost her money,she started crying, looking around,she returned the spot she dropped out of the okada, she could not see the money

While she was crying, the okada man returned to the market with the money
It was a thing of joy to the woman, the whole of the market was hold stand still, they counted the money, it was the 700,000 Inside the small bag
It was a thing of joy, People were wondering if they are still people like this in this world, mostly in this time of Covid 19, that everyone Nigeria praying to recover from the months of seating at home with work.

Thanks to the okada man.

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  1. God bless the okada man and woman too, l want to called the attention of ppl not to judge ppls equally because some ppls are very miscellaneous

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