BREAKING:Student who didn’t go home during lockdown died in her boyfriend’s house due to unsafe abortion

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Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, the government of various nations shut down their nations. They implemented lockdown in their countries. Schools and other bodies and organizations were closed. Of course, students were expected to go home.

However, a university student who was identified as Claire Natukunda, did not go home. Rather, she stayed in her boyfriend’s house. Her boyfriend was identified as Junju. Well, she was reportedly pregnant for him. It was two months gone already.

Junju, who went to Kampala to raise money in order to help take his girlfriend to the hospital came back to meet the 20-year-old Claire dead. Her body was taken to Mulago for postmortem. On the other hand, Junju was detained.

From reports gathered, Claire seemed to be having a family dispute with her parents and siblings. Although they requested that she comes back, she refused and decided to stay with her boyfriend. She died after complications from having an abortion.

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