Check Out Things That The Next President Of Nigeria Is Expected To Put Back In Order

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1. Policies that will bring about strong economic reforms and economic growth.
(The current CBN policies that continued causing lots of series of uncountable deductions from people’s bank accounts is a killer-policy. Serious taxations on small business owners is a killer-policy. Policies that minimises the little profits of the small and medium business owners is a killer-policy)

2. Security across the whole of Nigeria.
(There should be adequate security and peace, both in the North, South, East, and West).

3. Full transparency of the Government Expenditures.
(Quarterly release of the Government Expenditures at all levels – down to the LGAs, and yearly published Fully-Audited Accounts of the Government “both online and hardcopies”, at all levels.

4. Total Restructuring and reformation of the Military, the Police, and other security agencies as well as other paramilitary bodies too..
(Their current mode of engagement of the personnels of the Nigerian Security agencies with the Nigerian citizens are zero. They are nothing to write home about. Their current mode of operation are filled with corrupt practices. There is need for a top-to-bottom continuous reorientation system, as well as a proper bottom-to-top continuous feedback and assessment system for all these bodies and agencies).

5. Reorientation of the Values of the Common Average Nigerian.
(There should be policies and laws that should subconsciously minimise the urge for doing things that would have negative impact on oneself or on other people. Currently, the only values we know in Nigeria is money. And that is, gathering much money by any means possible and using it to show off… – Even if the showing off is a fake show. There is need for a subconscious reorientation of the citizens towards creating positivity and better-life for oneself and other people around oneself, and not in showing off. There are prices that are supposed to be paid to the government before some types of high-end goods and services are purchased. And their are also prices to be paid for such high-end goods and services to be kept unused or under-used or misused. Also, their are prices to be paid too for such high-end goods and services to be put in good use. If anyone really needs such goods and services, then he would be prepared to pay the prices, if not, their won’t be need paying for such goods and services where there are no need for them.)

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6. Instant punishment for crimes and evil…. And also, instant reward for doing something that is exceptionally good.
(Currently, evil doers go free.. And whoever that tries to report the evil doers might end up being the one that gets punished. The current system of identifying crimes and evil should be revisited and reviewed)

7. Reorientation of the Values and the remuneration of the Government Workers.
(The current average government worker tries to find ways to earn some extra money in order to augment the Official wages. In doing such, may create some loopholes in order to do special favours to hawks who parade as contractors and consultants, and from them get some kickbacks.. All these should stop. Once a transparent and frequent financial records are out there published, and very much available for public scrutiny and criticisms, such excesses should stop naturally.)

8. An Encouraging Environment for both the Business and Job Career Persons.
(If there businesses available, then, there would be need to employ more people to carry out the business.. But in an environment where the businesses are not thriving well, then, a lot of people won’t have jobs to do)

9. Proper Circulation of wealth.
(The idea of making people to believe that their is wealth in some non-productive activities which yield money to People but do not create real value to the society or to the economy, should be seriously played down and be minimised. Such things like Politics-Money-Sharing, Online-Dubious-Money, Pyramid-Scheme-Money-Growing, Duping-People, Bank-Hacking, and so on.. All these things have negative effects. They only enrich the few people who have nothing to offer.
Meanwhile, the main aim of Politics is not making-money. We need a president who would make Politics what it really is. Which is: All About Power, and Power Alone. And not a wealth-sharing venture for the entire lineage and community.

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