Conundrum Of Peter Obi’s ‘Gbajue’ as said by Soyinka

By Richard Odusanya

In the words of Akinwande Oluwole Babatunde Soyinka (WS), a Nigerian playwright, novelist, poet, and 1986 Nobel Prize in Literature. In an interview with Okey Ndibe, in South Africa, WS posited: Peter Obi did not win the Presidential Election, Labour Party resorting to ‘Gbajue’ “I can say categorically that Peter Obi’s party came third not even second and the leadership knew it but they want to do what we call in Yoruba ‘gbajue’, that is force of lies.” Nobel Laureate Soyinka said the truth matters to him, noting that many people always look for shortcuts.

Furthermore, ‘WS’ pointedly accused some ex-generals and their cohorts of plotting to topple the democratic government using the labour movement. Prof Wole Soyinka, the moral compass full of courage encapsulated in one word the shenanigans of Peter Gregory Obi, as ‘Gbajue’. This is a reality on display by a certified wordsmith. Peter Obi, a person who fraudulently invested millions of dollars in public funds into a brewery practically owned by his family while claiming he’s not a shareholder but his name is there as a director is a confirmed ‘gbajue’.

Before continuing; let me refresh our memories with one of the several articles of the fallacies of Peter Obi: “Olusegun ‘St’ Matthew’ Obasanjo, Afe Babalola And Interim Government.” Published on the 7th of January 2023 by Sahara reporters, Reuben Abati, 9news Nigeria, PM news, Opinion Nigeria and many other local and international media outfits. below are the pertinent pieces of information and questions about the consequences and mathematical impossibility of Peter Obi’s presidency:

  1. Would there be an election as scheduled for the 25th of February 2023?
  2. Is there a likelihood of an Interim Government by proxy if the past military leaders supporting Obi failed in their bid?
  3. Are the masses particularly the restive youths of Nigeria educated enough to live and act above the state of excitement that is now being strengthened by OBJ through his letter?
  4. How is the scenario being considered, taking into account the roles of the SENATE and HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES, who are the bastions of power in a presidential system?
  5. How would the potential disappointments that could be experienced by having a National Assembly that will be dominated by the ruling party APC and to some extent the main opposition party PDP if Obi emerged winner of the race and cannot perform the expected magic?
  6. Who would manage the likely fallouts and disappointments given the current unguarded characteristics of the so-called Obidients “O’bingos” or “Headless mob” as Prof Chukwuma Soludo called them.

The answers to all of the above is rooted in post Buhari’s presidency. Will our beloved country Nigeria still remain one single entity and survive the plots of dismemberment effect? By contrast, what was noticeable in the activities of those who are forcing lies on our people is self-preservation, personal interest – unreliability and misdirection.

Observing activities of some of our elites particularly the so-called “Men of God” regrettably, many of them have been forcing lies on our people. The fact remains that many people lie to get other people do what they want them to do. People who lie to manipulate a situation or other people are often only interested in personal gain and fail to consider other people’s feelings. While some people who lie want to protect the feelings of others and spare someone else pain or hurt, many people lie to protect their own feelings, self-esteem, self-confidence, or other personal emotion.

It is thus, imperative to clearly mentioned that Nigeria dogged “A BULLET” it is with profound sense of responsibility that I wish to conclude this contribution that focuses on forcing lies on people by sharing with us the golden words of Thomas Sowell, an American economist, author, and social commentator who was a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. Thomas profoundly posited: “The fact that so many successful politicians are such shameless liars is not only a reflection on them, it is also a reflection on us. When the people want the impossible, only liars can satisfy.” Finally, I daresay that, I am vindicated by Prof Wole Soyinka’s position about the fallacies of Peter Obi “Gbajue”

Richard Odusanya

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