Editorial: Nigeria Arise!! Amb. Princely Onyenwe Recounts

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Oliver Goldsmith once said, “laws grind the poor and the rich men rule the law” This implies that there is nothing like democracy in practice.

In furtherance, Thomas Carlyle posited that judgement for an “evil thing” is many times delayed which is as sure as death. This presupposes that both the judiciary and the executive arm are to be held responsible for the failure of the system.

No doubt, cases are being delayed in court of law while government delay the needed governance. Legislation and passage of bills are elongated for the sake of rhetorics and mundane protocols.

Ambassador Princely Onyenwe Esq

In times like this, personalities like us incur sleepless nights proffering possible ways to reshape the society at large.

It is true that there will be no perfect peace on earth but in situations like this, let there be a change in leadership, let us seek resolution in war. In defeat, defiance. In victory, magnanimity. In Peace, goodwill. A new Nigeria is indeed possible.

Nigerian government have to revisit and revamp the production sectors to enable the country grow economically.

Another sector that need an emergency ungrade is to empower the Agro sector and to establish standard preservation mechanism across the rural areas to secure our food products.

It is important to note also that the small and medium scale enterprises SMEs have to be seriously funded for more productivity.

Having toured widely in my research, I noticed that countries like China, Indonesia, US and Europe recycle most of their products to sustain productivity.

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But over here in Nigeria, we export our wastages and indirectly kept loosing bunch of trillions of dollars away.

On a chat with some business foreign expatriate here, I was told that Nigeria even export Sand to China, France and Asia for the production of Tiles, Doors, Ceiling boards.

Unarguably, these products are brought back to Nigeria for our consumption and usage. But we have the land scale and raw materials in Nigeria where possibly such production companies can come to establish and employ our people. Setting up functional production sectors can reduce unemployment and youth restiveness.

Insecurity and bad Leadership have taken us backwards than ever. Maybe the political leaders and the so called honourables are insensitive of the plights of the people or that they are enjoying the wholesome decadence in the system?

I can’t imagine the type of legislation we run here. Legislation that cannot improve the governance system. Legislation that cannot add succor to the desired needs of the people. Legislation that has automatically changed the definition of politics to “politricks” Where exactly are we heading to?

Again the electioneering season is set and who does feel that Nigerians are happy to vote same old wine in the new bottles. Can’t our electoral umpires give the country the best and read out election results without manipulation?

Where then is the security intelligence cum architecture and the welfare of the people which is the most paramount? Where are the technocrats and realists? Where are the seers and the game changers? Where are our leaders and Federal Executive Council?

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Legislative Arm

I still can believe that with good governance, peace, stability, justice and cooperation, Nigeria will smile again. We cannot forget in a hurry the labours of our forebears and the unassailable efforts put in place to come this far.

But my humble plea from the political wilderness can rekindle our drowning mindsets to begin to think aright and do the right thing at the right time. NIGERIANs clamour for good leadership, maximum security, respect for human rights, reduction of prices of both market commodities and petroleum products and welfare of the people.

Alas, there are still alot yet undone!! It is as if the entire system is stagnated and unproductive. But for us to salvage our land, Nigeria have to arise to her responsibility and make the people happy again.

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