Ember Months: Crime Rise In Imo Continues As Government Called To Save Lives

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From Princely Onyenwe

The rate of criminalities in Imo state Nigeria has continued to rise on daily basis after efforts put in place by the Hope Uzodinma’s led adminstration failed.

In our last report, 9News Nigeria beckoned on Imo state government to mobilize more task forces and security agencies to assist on unraveling criminals and defaulters of government policies in the state.

We are alerting the government of the continued crime increase in the state which calls for emergency mobilization of law enforcement agents to work across the rural communities and red areas in Imo state. The so called ember season has come.

This is important to work upon mostly as the “EMBER MONTHS” have set in. Recall that criminals uses this season to perpetuate unbearable actions against humanity targetted at putting the people in fear of the season. September to December use to be Critical and sensitive across the states.

Our correspodents at the rural areas gathered that nowadays the criminals and hoodlums have deserted the city to domicile at the rural communities to carry out criminal activities which calls for more enforcement and steady search and check by law enforcement agents jointly with the local Vigilante groups to track and identify these criminals.

But the irony of this is that most of the agents are more corrupt than the criminals. Sources told us that most times the officers at work cut corners to take money from these suspects and free them without proper investigation and possibly prosecution.

Incidentally this marriage between the good and the bad has brought about the high rise of crime across the state. Such actions can also redicule the efforts of Government while thinking that its agents are discharging their works expectedly.

Crimes ranging from snatching of phones, shop-to-shop robbery, attack on innocent citizens, car snatching, killings, rape and abduction are on the increase,9News Nigeria reports.

Attack on POS agents by Hoodlums and other unlawful activities are on the increase on daily basis.

Within Irete-Onitsha road, Amakohia, Egbu area, Asaa, Awara, Nekede school area, workdbank axis, Ngor Okpala, Mbaise and Orlu area are terror zones in Imo state Nigeria.

Many rural communities are crying out loud on series of attacks launched on them by criminals and Hoodlums at both noonday and night time.

This call for Emergency Attention for the state government to mobilize more forces to check the excesses of criminal activities going on in the state.

Some criminals now hide at brothels to take cover after perpetuating some nefarous acts. Many of them are relocating to quite communities to execute their evil plans targetted at putting lives in dangerous situations.

Sources have revealed that criminals can easily launch attack on people having sit-outs at drinking bars. At public gathering criminals also can come as if they came just to drink and from there target their prey and possibly take off to carry out dangerous actions on people. So public gatherings should be checked regularly.

Drug peddling, smoking, cultism, sexual abuse and shoddy businesses are growing high in some of these areas mentioned in this Newsline by 9News Nigeria.

People are apprehensive to move about while the EMBER MONTHS are yet to start trending with it’s ambience and scarcity of market commodities. It is the expectation of the masses to enjoy this year 2022 Ember cum festive season which is fast approaching. Insecurity is everywhere and more efforts have to be implemented immediately to save Imolites.

Even in certain occasions and public events, criminals and Hoodlums easily dresses well and sneak into the arena to perpetuate their intentions, 9News gathered.

Few days ago, in Ama Wire Orji, Owerri North, Imo State, our reporters were alerted on how some group of youths are busy terrorising the axis with guns, harassing individuals and reaping them off their belongings.

Certainly, this is not a news to behold in a state like Imo seeking for investors to come and invest and improve.

Government can not be fighting insecurity and at same time insecurity is worsening by the day.

According to an eyewitness report, the criminals maybe University students who reside at the area to molest residents.

Our source told us that it is terrifying to see them operate both in the day and night at ease without fear of arrest by security operatives.

This is to alert the Commissioner of Police and other relevant security agents in the State to please take note of this and act fast to safeguard the State. Even as Election campaigns draws near, mix up of criminal elements join the innocent groups to carry out their attacks.

Imo must be recovered and our people be saved through the help of all of us as the EMBER SEASON sets in.

9News Nigeria (Owerri)
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