Federal Govt Has No Serious Plans On CNG Buses, Cash Transfer To Nigerians, Says NLC

With the fuel subsidy removal and the present economy facing the country, the Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC) Leadership has expressed displeasure and frustration over a seeming lack of effort on the part of the Federal Government to meet its request.

Early hours after Monday’s deadlocked meeting with government officials to avert the plans of indefinite strikes, The Nigeria Labor Congress President, Joe Ajaero disclosed his displeasure over the refusal of the government on several issues.

Speaking to Newsmen, he said the Federal Government is proving so stubborn over their demands.

He said among its requests is to work on the petrol price hike, review the minimum wage, provide a workable roadmap to the compressed Natural Gas (CNG) alternative, fix the country’s refineries, and pay up all Lectures outstanding salary arrears.

Ajaero said we have not demanded too much from the Federal Government,

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