Femi Fani Kayode Lambastes Ex-Governor of Zamfara State for Assaulting FAAN Officials – Calls Him “a filthy animal and a violent beast”

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By Emmanuel Ebimoh

Former Minister of Aviation, Mr Femi Fani Kayode has lambasted ex-Governor of Zamfara State, Abdulazeez Yari, for allegedly assaulting an official of the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria who tried to spray his luggage with disinfectant at the Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport on Saturday, 11th July.

According to the FAAN, the ex-Governor had blatantly violated airport protocols and procedures put in place by the Federal Government for COVID-19 by forcefully pushing away an officer of the environment department when he insisted that his luggage must be disinfected.

In a reaction to this, the former Aviation Minister, Mr Fani-Kayode blasted the ex-Governor in a series of tweet on his verified Twitter handle @realFFK, calling the ex-Governor “a crooked, corrupt & violent beast” who has spent years “bathing in & drinking the blood of his own people.”

“I have always said that ex-Governor of Zamfara state, Abdulazeez Yari, is an animal. He is not only a crooked, corrupt & violent beast but he also spent years bathing in & drinking the blood of his own people by encouraging & actively supporting the activity of killer bandits.

“Now he has had the nerve & audacity to assault FAAN officials at Aminu Kano Airport who tried to check & spray his luggage with disinfectant & he also stubbornly & violently refused to follow the Covid 19 protocols put in place by the FG on the grounds that he is a VIP.

“I wonder who the hell this filthy animal thinks he is? It is about time that someone takes on this heartless & bloodlusting monster & call him to order? If we ever had a Kleptomaniac, a psychopath and a murderous megalomaniac in Nigeria as a Governor it is this creature.

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“The authorities need to cage him before people are hurt, insulted, threatened, maimed, wounded & possibly even killed by him and his boys. He is totally out of control and may well be totally and completely insane. If I were still Min. of Aviation and he tried this nonsense with any of those in my Ministry or parastatals I would ban him from the airports and from flying in Nigeria and if he ever assaulted any of my officials or staff I would have him arrested, chained, detained, prosecuted & jailed.

“The man is a common thug, a notorious bully, a disgrace to Zamfara state, a disgrace to the north and a disgrace to Nigeria. Not everyone can be intimidated by him and it is about time that the FG and the Nigerian people called him out & put him in his place.

“He is not only a crooked, insatiable, greedy, bloodthirsty & murderous beast but he is also a self-serving sociopath &ignorant thug. One day we will meet & I will tell him all this to his ugly face. I can’t wait. FFK is a hurricane &a lion all rolled into one & I DESPISE bullies,” the tweets read.

See tweets below:

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