Five Sports You Can Watch and Participate as a Couple

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Five Sports You Can Watch and Participate as a Couple
Five Sports You Can Watch and Participate as a Couple (Image credit: Getty Images)
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Are you a couple looking for a perfect sport that you can watch and Participate in together?  Then you have come to the right place. Sports have grown to become a large entertainment arena for all people, regardless of their age, social or marital status. Generally, sports have a special place in everyone’s life, with the only difference being how dedicated you are whether participating or watching.

Participating in a sport together can be the best thing you do as a couple to get you off the monotonous routine and get you out there to enjoy the fresh air. This is a sure way of not only working out your body but helping you strengthen your relationship through building trust, learning team working, and creating some peaceful moments to spend with your partner. Before we dive in, check the latest MLB picks today.

There are many sports that you can enjoy with your partner. Check out this list.

1. Tennis

Tennis is a great sport for couples because you can have fun playing or watching it together. It creates so much passion and support from spectators, making it enjoyable all through.

If you choose to play tennis with your partner, prepare to sweat out, because tennis is a fast-paced sport. This sport will help both of you have a full-body workout as it involves cardio, which enhances your lung capacity and can reduce the chances of getting lifestyle diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.

Tennis creates room for healthy competition between a couple since you have to play against each other in a singles game or if there’s another couple you can form a team and play against the couple. Both ways, playing tennis brings you closer as a couple.

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2. Cycling

Many people assume that cycling is a lone sport but it’s not always the case. The competitive nature of cycling can motivate a couple to have a healthy competition, which makes your relationship stronger.

Cycling works better when the couple is at the same or almost the same competing level. This makes this sport great and winning becomes enjoyable because you are competing against your equal.

Couples will not have fun cycling, but will also get the health benefits of cardio exercise, such as burning fat for weight loss, and minimizing risks of diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.

3. Golfing

Golfing is a brilliant sport for couples who are not so much into physical exercises that require a lot of effort. If a couple wants to have some outdoor activities with fewer energy requirements, golfing offers room to watch with your partner and just relax or you can play together at your own pace.

It’s a perfect sport for older couples who are looking to have some peaceful time to spend together without getting all sweaty. This sport is fun and creates a high level of patience between partners the way it’s played.

 Serenity can be golfing’s second name. There are no noises from spectators or yelling from referees, it’s just the two of you playing or even relaxing on a bench. Whether you are participating or watching, you are sure to enjoy this sport.

4. Swimming

Swimming is one of the best sports for a couple to watch and participate in. It involves a lot of cardio workouts and it will keep you and your loved one entertained.


You can swim in the swimming pools or the ocean. Having access to a beach takes the swimming experience to a whole new level. The fresh air, salty water, waves, and tides make it awesome.

To take part in this sport, at least one of you should be a good swimmer. Swimming together or teaching your partner how to swim is so much fun and it sparks your connection which encourages your relationship to grow.

5. Football

Football is a great sport to watch and participate in as a couple. For the longest time, football was viewed as a male game but recently, women have embraced it, both watching and playing.

You will enjoy better, cuddling your partner as you watch football together. If you are new to this sport, your partner can guide you through the terminologies that are used in football, and with time you will love this sport and might end up becoming an avid fan.


Sports are perfect for helping couples socialize and also have some time together away from any social responsibilities.

Participating in sports has many benefits to couples, such as promoting their health, reducing risks of life-threatening diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and some cancers, weight loss, and agility.

It’s important to stay in touch with life through social interactions which promote your mental health, and what better way to do this than to watch and participate in these sports with your partner?

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