Fulani Youth group lambasts Northern governors over the condition of herdsmen

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A Coalition of Fulani Youth Groups in Nigeria
A Coalition of Fulani Youth Groups in Nigeria
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A Coalition of Fulani Youth Groups in Nigeria under the Leadership of Malam Abdulkareem Bayero has called on Government to attend to their plights to help them jettison war and redress to meaningful endeavours to sustain life and Improve the zone.

In its press release made available to 9News Nigeria, the group through its leader, Malam Abdulkareem Bayero said as Nigeria celebrates her Independence Anniversary, the Association (Coalition of Fulani Youth Groups in Nigeria) under the Leadership of Malam Abdulkareem Bayero, has chastised the attitudes of Northern Nigerian Governors Forum for their non – charlatan attitudes and negligence towards the unfortunate Plights and misfortunes of herdsmen across the nation.

He added that this worrisome and most negative turn of events was as a result of decades of neglect to the plights of the herdsmen.

In his words, “there has never been a Governor over the years who has provided enough budgetary allocation to the issue of livestock developments in spite of the huge amounts of money which was supposed to be channelled into the Livestock Development but such budgetary allocations were diverted to other sectors and their luxuries.

“As it were and I may not be wrong that today you are reaping what you sowed”

This is one of the major negative reasons, why the Fulani herdsmen went up East, South and South-western regions to survive which now has turned the herdsmen into near-genocidal situations and were driven out in inhumane and unconstitutional decisions.

“When we juxtaposed these problems with the current situation of things in Nigeria, there is an immediate need for solutions which we propose to be as follows:

  1. Massive looting and corruption MUST be stopped.
  2. All Nigerians from where ever they are, should be considered as brothers which deserve mutual respect.
  3. The plights of Fulani herdsmen should be properly studied inorder for them to live in peace and harmony within any community they find themselves.
  4. The plights and dangerous situations of the Pastoralist should not be politicized, but rather it should be consider as the Constitutional responsibility of every governor and even the Presidency .
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