Gabon: Military Takes Control Of Administration For Declaration Of Ali Bongo As President

The COUP in Gabon has further pushed the Military to takes control of administration for the refusal of elongation and declaration of the incumbent Ali Bongo as President. This is happening almost at the same time Niger Republic and few other African Countries are in a threatening state of unrest for a similar reason.

A faction of military officers has just taken control in Gabon, a country in central Africa, located next to Cameroon, following the declaration of incumbent President Ali Bongo Ondimba as the election winner.

The soldiers announced on television their intention to dismantle the current regime.

Ali Bongo Ondimba’s father governed Gabon from 1967 until his passing in 2009 and was succeeded by President ABO.

Recall that he had recently secured a contested third 7-year term. The military officers claim to have nullified the election, dissolved institutions, and shut the nation’s borders keeping the masses in high suspense and starvation.

This recent development in Gabon at the time of this report by our correspondent is attracting a whole lot of criticism and global attention. The incumbent president is not the people’s choice and has over stayed his position according to report.

The state of unrest caused by the imbalance in the electoral process and enforcement of political leaders on the masses will definitely come to a stop having it’s general outcome as counter productive. If truly the saying that power belongs to the people is right, then the people must decide who their leaders are.

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