Ghana: 500 Dismissed Army recruits threaten to join ISIS and Boko Haram

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The Ghanaian Army is being threatened by some of its dismissed recruits.

Last year, 500 Army recruits were sacked for insurbodination at a parade ground.

The group, who have been unhappy about the dismissal, have tried to get across to the government to recall them.

They claimed to have been contacted by the terrorist groups, ISIS and Boko Haram to join them.

ISIS, is one of the most commited and fanatical radical organizations that is dominating Iraq.

In Nigeria, the Boko Haram is an Islamic extremist group based in the North-Eastern part of the country.

The spokesperson for the recruits, Frank Antwi, said “We have been contacted by Militants groups ISIS and Boko Haram through voice note that they heard our story, and are hoping that authorities re-visit our issue and find the real culprits of the incident that led to our dismissal”

Source: The Herald

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