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A Facebook user by the name, Bala Baba Dihis has written to address how the rule of 90 minutes per Football game came about. He wrote on his Facebook profile where he has thousands of followers:

Football lovers, have you ever asked yourself: why does a football match last 90 minutes? If you have ever asked that question, here is your answer. The first match that lasted 90 minutes took place 160 years ago. It started in 1862 in a field at the University of Cambridge (obviously the 90-minute rule is not a recent thing).That year, two elite schools— Eton and Harrow schools— faced each other in a match and the time was set for 90 minutes. Before 1862, a football match can last for at least 3 hours or more, because the captain of each team come together and agree on how long the match should last. Another old rule of setting time for a match says a match will be prolonged until one of the two teams scores two goals. It’s clear that these rules are unbalanced and hard to maintain for obvious reasons. The rule had to be changed.On March 31 1866 when two teams from London and Sheffield played against each other, Sheffield executives suggested that the match last for 90 minutes (made up of 45 minutes halves) and they came into agreement with the team captains. The 90-minute game time stucked on soccer from that time till now when the players and the executives saw how practical and balanced the timing was.

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Paying Social Media Jobs
Paying Social Media Jobs
Paying Social Media Jobs