HBD From 9News Nigeria: Ogbuagu’s Travail And Legislative Scorecard @49

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HBD From 9News Nigeria: Ogbuagu's Travail And Legislative Scorecard @49
HBD From 9News Nigeria: Ogbuagu's Travail And Legislative Scorecard @49
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-Ifeanyi Iheakanwa

A certain man, having suffered and faced the harsh reality of life for over thirty years, made money at his early forties, and told himself that he narrowly escaped being a fool at forty.

He boastfully brought out stashes of naira currency and tore them into shreds in the full glare of publicity, claiming that money has insulted him for too long a time.

It was when I was in primary school, precisely primary six, that I started hearing the name “Uche Ogbuagu’. In those days, I merely thought the person bearing the name only specialized in killing lions and other wild animals. I was wondering how on earth, a human being could kill a lion.

Then, on my entrance to secondary school, I heard a comic relief made by the same Uche Ogbuagu titled, ‘bad condition’. It was only then I knew the name was more of friendliness than killing.

The major target of the release was to crack people’s ribs and make their time worth their while. The import of the comic penetrated deeply into the people and soon became their only means of relieving their pains.

Uche Ogbuagu at 40
Uche Ogbuagu at 49

At first, although too tender, I did not pay a particular attention to the comedian whose name was already creeping like the yam tendrils at the heat of the rainy season.

The only memory that remained indelible was that we chose some of his funny lines to encapsulate our day-to-day riddles and jokes. But we were gradually escaping puberty.

When the comic duo of ‘Oku ri over’ and ‘church agbasaala’ hit the airwaves, Uche Ogbuagu was already being most sought after.

Due to his popular demand, the Nigeria movie industry coerced him into starring in a blockbuster film known as ‘Nothing spoil’, where he crowned it all in shooting himself to stardom.

In the later days, he was beckoned by his people to represent them at the Imo state House of Assembly where he won overwhelmingly to the chagrin of his competitors who were better referred as money bags.

Believe it or not, Ogbuagu has done excellently well as a lawmaker as much as he did during his comedy days, no doubt about that.

Individual difference, character, idiosyncrasy, behavioural pattern and what have you, are immaterial in his solid resolve to fulfilling his campaign promises to his people who, without reservation, gave him their mandate on trust.


However, it is important to correct some impressionistic writers like Citizen Samuelson Iwuoha, who overtly acknowledged the sterling qualities and achievements of Uche Ogbuagu, but went further to criticize him for not playing along in politics. People like Citizen Iwuoha are die-hard crusaders of the evil grip of Nigerian leaders on the people.

Someone should tell Mr Samuelson that the politics of ‘if you can’t win them, you join them’ is what has kept the nation in its present state of peril. And writers like Citizen Iwuoha, is encouraging such. Was his write-up planned over a pot of porridge yam?

The popular writer openly accused the Ikeduru lawmaker to have shot himself on the leg for not doing the biddings of the government. And who says Uche Ogbuagu isn’t respecting the power that be? Let the accusation be regarded as a figment of Samuelson’s imagination.

Ogbuagu may be hated for his speed and determination to develop Ikeduru within the ambit of his financial power. Lest, a lawmaker is mandated to sponsor bills and move motions of urgent public importance which will be executed by the government.

But he said he wanted to redefine lawmaking to go beyond moving motion to building bridges. Was that enough reason he is hated by a few?

The power play that also outed him as the Majority Leader of the Assembly, may not be unconnected to the fact that he was on a Panasonic speed to prove his legislative mettle to the good people of Ikeduru.

And to think about being loyal to his masters, it depends so much on the individuals. Loyalty is given in varying ways. Some prostrate to show their loyalty while some bow down before their principals.

A handful sells their conscience because they want to protect the interest of the principals. They do this to gain their attention.

Uche Ogbuagu may not be perfect in this aspect of total loyalty, but he isn’t disrespectful. One does not need to kill oneself to demonstrate loyalty.

It is true that in the Nigerian political setting, loyalty has taken the center stage, but God is a political spirit that oversees all elections, behaviours, evil doings, and vindicates the just.

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If Uche Ogbuagu is not committed to the course of Ikeduru where he represents, he would have chickened out at the time he was removed as the Majority Leader of the House. Because he wants to leave a legacy, he refused to be troubled by his political travails.

He had added several legislative feathers to his nest since his removal as the Majority Leader. Does it really mean that the lawmaker springs more surprises when he is being trampled upon?

As if his travails were not enough, he was unceremoniously suspended alongside five other lawmakers by Paul Emeziem-led Imo state House of Assembly.

The feeble-minded would be knocked totally out of balance having been made to absorb these repeated shocks, but he has the Supreme Leader who is the Almighty God, on his side.

Uche Ogbuagu, undoubtedly has a very robust relationship with God going by his meteoric rise to stardom.

If Ogbuagu should be allowed to exercise his God-given talents and not to be thrown stones, I bet, he will do much better.

Truth be told, Ogbuagu’s character is not nauseating. It could have been a normal difference in individuals character.

I don’t still believe that he is disobedient to his Principals. This is because he does not give so much to sycophancy – praise-singing, backbiting and blackmailing – all put together, is the bane of politics.

Politics should go beyond witch-hunting and mudslinging among one another.

Ogbuagu should be seen as the biblical Joseph who was sold out of hatred by his own brothers and forgotten for too long.

The interesting story of Joseph who later became an iroko in a strange land, should serve as an eye opener to all and sundry.

It started like a dream and all that he saw in his dream eventually came to pass. Yet, he was almost stoned to death by his own brothers for attempting to prove that he would be an iroko among his brothers. But Joseph was never overzealous nor over ambitious for having such a dream.

Ogbuagu had a similar dream of becoming the Joseph of our time and that is why he is being thrown stones. Certainly, he must rise to be a king someday, just like Joseph.

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Like the same Joseph, Ogbuagu’s political travails are being hatched by his own party men, and those he calls his best friends.

Had Joseph’s brothers not sold him out to a strange land, he may not have ascended to the position of repute where his brothers trembled before him. This was to justify what was written about the exceeding grace in the life of Joseph, who is today known as the ‘dreamer’.

Ambassador Uche Ogbuagu, unperturbed and more committed to the call of service to his people, will be rolling out the drums again on the 17th day of August 2021 to mark his 48th birthday.

Donations of motorbikes, mini-buses and other gifts to Ikeduru constituents will be the high points of the event. There will also be dancing and food competition among individuals which will add flavour to the ceremony.

As usual, he will be using his scarce resources to empower the indigents both from Ikeduru and beyond. This is not the first nor the second, nor third he is embarking on these humanitarian services.

Because it is the covenant he had with his God, he did not give in to the worldly problems of politicking but reassured himself of the heavenly reward which catapulted Joseph above his brothers.

His great affinity with the less privileged will go a long way in smoothening and paving better ways for him, especially when God is interested in his course.

One thing is certain, God is a political spirit just as human beings are political animals. It is only God that maketh a man – all the struggles, fightings, afflictions, supremacy, rivalries, bullying, wealth, beauty et al – are not to be if God has not allowed it. He is the author and finisher of our faith, and the deciding power of all human endeavours, be it political or otherwise.

Uche Ogbuagu is heading somewhere better in future and God has ordained it.

Happy birthday to a millennium lawmakers@ 48! May God give you abundant blessings, amen.


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