IFEDICHE: The Next Big Thing in Anambra State.

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As a result of the desperate need for transformational and effective leadership in Anambra State of today, some notable individuals have declared their interests to run for the number one position in the state.

In the All Progressives’ Congress, Anambra State, popular candidates who have expressed their interests to run for the office of governor on the platform of the APC include Chief George Moghalu, Dr. Chidozie Nwankwo, CEO of Wichtech Group of Companies who recently joined the party, Col. Geoff Onyejegbu, Dr. Amobi Nwokafor, Dr. Paul Orajiaka, Sen. Andy Ubah, former senator of the federal republic, Chief Azuka Okwuosa, former commissioner during the administration of Dr. Chinwoke Mbadibuju and the charismatic Engr. Johnbosco Onunkwo.

Acceptance of the party by the electorate begins with shopping for the best candidate of its extraction who would lead the party to victory by virtue of the respect he commands, his relationship with people, his character, charisma, leadership qualities, and great depth of knowledge. Most of the aspirants vying for the party’s ticket posses a few of the qualities listed above but not all of those qualities. It would be right to say that this is because they have aimed at static perfection but not continuous improvement.

One man who has distinguished himself from the rest of the candidates is Engr. Johnbosco Onunkwo, who makes the difference by dint of his proven antecedents of effective leadership qualities.

Apart from the fact that Johnbosco Onunkwo is the youngest of the aspirants, he is the only humanitarian among all the candidates who could best be described as politicians. Johnbosco Onunkwo has been able to launch himself and his team on a different path in building a reservoir of good will by being sensitive to the needs and feelings of his team, his friends, his allies, colleagues, and humanity in general.

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He is a homegrown individual who grew up in Anambra State and studied in Anambra State. He best understands the needs of the people and feels their plight. He always looks for a way to improve people’s lives in his own individual capacity. It is this passion to care for humanity and put smiles on the faces of people that moved him to establish his Foundation, the Johnbosco Onunkwo Foundation through which he gives meaning to the ideas of people, build their capacity, help them manifest their potentials and improve the lives of people for the past 7 years. Among all the candidates, he is the most accessible as he has made it easy for anyone to see him through his open door policy. A jolly good fellow, he is very friendly and approachable. You would wonder if he ever gets angry. He is one of a kind.

Johnbosco is neither arrogant not proud. He does not recognise social class. He relates with everybody, both rich and poor. Don’t be surprised when you see him visiting common, ordinary people in their homes, honouring invitations, taking out time to reply to texts, listening to everybody, not just those at his level. Above all, he is A CHEERFUL GIVER. He has gained prominence as a selfless philanthropist. For these reasons, apart from loyal supporters in APC, most people in PDP and APGA prefer Engr. Johnbosco Onunkwo to other candidates of the APC.

The choice is ours to make. Anambra APC should exploit the opportunity that IFEDICHE offers in Johnbosco Onunkwo for the progress of the party and for the good of all.

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Today, Ifediche is the most popular mantra in APC and in Anambra State. It is a big plus for the APC as the most saleable machinery of the party, a cause which should be encouraged by all hands in the party through genuine, explicit or tacit support.

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