Imo Communities Raise Alarm Over Insecurity At Rural Areas, Call For More Vigilance As ”Ember Months” Ticks

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From Princely Onyenwe

The high rate of insecurity going on at the rural communities across the local government areas in Imo state demands something drastic to be done to curb this trend otherwise this EMBER MONTHS may be unbearable across boards.

This is a tip off alarm from rural dwellers who called on our correspodent to break this News.

Sunday evening, a gang of unidentified gun men disrupted social gathering in Nekede area of Owerri West and zoomed off with unidentified young youth.

This incident happened Within the Holy Sisters junction and the Nekede Umuoma/Old road area where the youths intercepted the the car but the hoodlums flee with a hijacked bike towards the old road Nekede area.

Confirmed Eye witness report said that Ikea Youths acting on tip off immediately mobilized their fellow youths of the area to block the criminals.

But this could have turned to a bloodshed when the Hoodlums fired on air to escape and the abducted flew inside the bush.

The youths who intercepted the abductors almost lost their lives while trying to block a Lexus RX Jeep carrying a kidnapp victim through Holy Family area down to Umuikea Umuoma and towards the popular Mmiri Nkwoahia Bridge enroute Nekede Ancient Kingdom.

The vehicle was blocked and the youths rushed to rescue the victim though nearly succeeded but the gang members opened fire and escape by a hijacked bike.

The victim escaped into the bush and gang used the gun threat to also board the next available bike and zoomed off leaving behind the Lexus Jeep, our source confirmed.

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Sources reported that the kidnap gang drove away with the hijacked bike after the jeep was intercepted by the youths of the area.

At old road Nekede the same kidnappers shot one unidentified man and took another victim at No.10 Bus Stop Umualum Nekede, Same Sunday night.

It is believed that the victim maybe the owner of the Lexus Jeep which is parked at Umuoma Nekede police division while investigation lasts.

A call put across the DPO Nekede/ Ihiagwa police division was successful as the attempted kidnap was confirmed. The car and the owner rescued.

In a related development, sunday morning at the confin designers area by the popular Royce road Owerri, an SUV was recovered by the police on a tip off.

While passengers were boarding vehicles at the Obosima, Amafor car park, group of police officers zoomed into the street and arrested some persons within the environment where the said a particular tracked Jeep was parked by Hoodlums.

The vehicle was said to be tracked by the police suspectedly used for kidnap until it was recovered within the area.

Also, within Naze clusters, troops of Night clubbers have continued to block the main road on the reason of clubbing and fun trips.

This has also attracted series of car snatching and silent criminal activities going on in such club houses and lonely hostels within the school area.

Tip-off Information on Rape, Kidnapping, Killings, Car snatching, Ritualistic acts, Picking pockets, Charms and all sorts of crime are on the increase while the EMBER MONTHS are about to commence.

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Similarly, On the 19th of August precisely at Obazu mbieri Imo state Nigeria, kidnapping incident occured at Obilubi Obazu Mbieri along Orji road while on transit at about 1650hrs.

At the course of whisking the victim (Aloysius Onuekwusi) away, a driver with white Hilux on trying to negotiate on a bend for escape was shot dead (name withheld).

No doubt, the police is on this matter to give full account of the incident and at the same time continue their untiring investigations to unravel the criminals.

Meanwhile 9News Nigeria investigation team reveales that on road traffic matters arrising in the state, while I boarded a public keke bus, the driver told me in confidence that majority of the drivers that shuttle the roads intensionally disobey state laws on traffic, illegal parking and even disobey the law on dumping of refuse at approved locations while stating that no enforcement or law can work in Imo.

In his words, “Imo people need to see a 24hrs enforcement of laws and its taskforces to be at work at all times particularly early morning hours, late nights hours and mid days to catch offenders, drug addicts, criminals and defaulters. Another step to follow is to prosecute anyone who disobeys the laws with a heavy penalty to compliment this laws otherwise na de same Imo Government we go de see” he frowned

This call for more road checks on passengers and the state government to mobilize traffic and waste management agents and to beef up more intelligence gathering and steady patrols by the Police team to arrest offenders.

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Also, it is important to note that nowadays, majority of our secondary school students have turned to be agents of the “Fast -Lane” guys who now disguise themselves using small children to perpetuate their evil intentions. Indeed everybody must be vigilant mostly at the rural communities where some of these criminals hide for refuge because Ember months are here again.

In the same view, people have to be very Vigilant mostly at the rural communities where less attention is given to criminal activities.

Our law enforcement and security agencies have to swing into serious actions to save the situation before it will go out of hands.

9News Nigeria (Owerri)
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