It is the turn of South Easterners for president and not Igbo presidency by Okongwu Promise A.

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It is the turn of South Easterners for president and not Igbo presidency by Okongwu Promise A.

As 2023 presidential election is now about 3 years or less to go.

Leaders and various interest groups must begin to critically look into the agitations on which zones should the presidency go to, atleast that is showing determination for mending fences in politics.

When we talk about southeast for presidency, we are talking about getting a president from either of the 6 states that made up southeast and not some Igbo speaking side of South south as we know the song for Igbo presidency is all about.

E.g. the former president of Nigeria Ebelechukwu Jonathan and HE Chibuike Amaechj are all answering Igbo names per say and with both showing interest to contest the forth coming presidential elections will give you a clear view of the plans ahead to marginalize Southeastern states once again.

For me, A presidency from Southeastern Nigeria is what we need in Nigeria

The South-South zones has taken their turn to reform and develop Nigeria to the best of their knowledge through Good luck Jonathan in the year 2011 and now is the turn of South easterners to show our prowess in leadership and development strides.

From 1999 till date after the restart of democracy and civilian rule in Nigeria.

Southeasterners has not been given the opportunity to prove how development and equipped we could be as a people to the Nigeria leadership sector.

Other zones in Nigeria has taken it’s turn in showcasing their worth to the Nigeria people which I must commend is not a bad one as Nigeria is a developing country and south easterners should be given the chance to strife a better nation from our own point of view am sure Nigeria will be better off.

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At this junction I must appeal to other zones in Nigeria and the top rank political players to carefully look into this agitations of the south easterners when it comes to who becomes the Nigeria president after 2023 so as to continue in the spirit of fairness, equity and onness which have led us thus far as a nation.

Okongwu Promise A.
Anambra state.

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