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The term leading by global standard depicts a context of an individual not just proceeding or going ahead but taking strategic actions that will yield long term positive impact.
When we relate it to the rapid invention of technological advancements coupled with the changing style of leadership which can not be overemphasize, the need to attribute all leadership qualities that truly will reflect a leader with the mindset to lead innovatively.
The concept of innovation highlights the act of productivity, creating a system that is exceptional resulting to an harmonized ecosystem that will facilitate the growth and development of many.
The world is succumbing to a pattern of creating a change that shouldn’t be constant but futuristic, adaptable for inclusion and diversity of different category of persons irrespective of your background.
It is of great importance global leaders across all sectors of the economy critically understand the habit of inculcating the act of leading Innovatively that will further compliment the existing changes introduced by the technological advancement.
We can’t downplay the results that emanate from leading innovatively which definitely will continually sustain a good ecosystem embedded with features that contributes positively to the existence of humanity.
The style of leadership that comes with the need to be innovative give room for diversity and inclusion across different sector of the economy globally and it will definitely harmonize the individual efforts put in achieving the goal to lead innovatively.
When will do some level of comparison looking critically at the rate of developments particularly in the European world to the African race we can deduce that the style of leadership can’t be displaced. Some persons have adopted a style that have created an ecosystem that continually facilitate the growth of the economy thru providing innovative solutions adopting tools in achieving them. But at the other end there’s a deliberate act to be ignorant and keep being gullible resulting to the detriment of many in the ecosystem because those selected through a system have failed to be innovative even at the sight of solutions that will create exceptional growth and development.
Leading innovatively requires the need to following due process , ability to do critically comparative analysis on modalities applied in the past by leaders who have judiciously work towards having an ecosystem that is embedded with great developments as a result of innovation.
We can’t undermine the importance of taking practical steps to achieve the desired results when leading is considered to be done in an innovative manner. The highlighted steps below will further be a guide to achieving an innovative form of leadership.

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critical thinking
The ability to think is one distinctive feature of a leader with the act of leading innovatively, that involves the capacity of birthing or imagining new processes beyond reasonable doubt that will yield great ideas. Leading innovative not only require to think but in a critical manner, ability to imagine what have transpire in the past comparing it to what is applicable presently and envision how futuristic it would be. People who are at the top take enormous time to think through problems in the process solutions are beingrealised to solve the problem. Leading Innovatively requires time to think properly, to analyse the current situation which Will accomodate the process of analysing what have been realised through thoughts.
thought analysis
The results emanated from the critical thinking stage enable the thought analysis to come into existence. It just a process of Analysing what have been envisaged thoughts generated thorough critical thinking for innovative solutions. At this point, the thoughts are being analysed to see how relevant it’ll be in building a better ecosystem. The leader who desire to lead innovatively take ample time to analyse judiciously what he has think thru for the benefit of growing his ecosystem.
strategic planning
The thoughts been analysed will now be deduce through strategic planning. Strategic planning is a veritable tool for projecting these ideas, planning can be segmented into different phases with timeline of achieving them. A leader who aim to be innovative we take coignace of ensuring deadline at each phases. This definitely when put up to the team will enable them work productively towards achieving the big goal. The phrase of fail to plan, planned TO fail can’t be over emphasized. Planning is not just enough, but planning out actionable steps in a strategic manner can’t be displaced.
executing creatively
At this stage of executing creatively the plans put up strategically which will finally project the campaign of leadership with innovation. The underlying issue that comes with unfulfilled missions by most leaders is as a result of uncreative way of exceuting their strategic plans, the ability to bring into a reality the originality of their strategic plan. We can deduce that this have affected the growth of Africa so greatly that there’s need to be deliberate as a leader of ensuring plans are not just been executed but done in a creative manner. Some leaders just execute without having a foresight of what it’ll result, but leaders who take their time to execute creatively definitely have envisage it going to yield exceptional results which Will outsmart existing modalities.

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