Magu’s stealing is a syndicate in EFCC. Arrest and also investigate: Kwarbai, Ghali, Ewela, Bashir, Ogboru, Ors, insider cries out

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Magu did not act alone!
His house of thieves,known as the “Magu boys” must be dismantled so that the EFCC can be restructured.
At his zenith he selected compromised operatives,polarised and loyal to him as attack dogs known as “Magu boys” especially in the Lagos Zone of the commission
and one Bashir in the Abuja Offìce.
They include mid level officers promoted to head task forces such as Ahmad Ghali and others that were created to specially extort and frame suspects while reporting direct to Assistant Commissionr Ilyasu Kwarbai the disgraced Lagos head of operations who murdered a suspect in detention for “refusing to cooperate”. Kwarbai was blackmailer in chief and demanded for millions from recovered funds and property under his investigation especially during the infamous 2015-2017 investigations of Oil deals ,the $2.5 Billion Security votes investigation from oil barrons,Security chiefs,
several bankers and private businessmen .. A certain percent of recoveries was redirected off EFCC balance sheet to a loot warehouse discretely maintained by agents in lagos under the guise of investigation.
The most prominent and trusted of such EFCC agent is Lagos Business Man and Polo player Francis Ogboru.
Suspects will be forced to cough out several billions and surrender property to Mr Ogboru who will then arrange for protection from further prosecution.Case closed.
Francis is so wealthy gracing lagos high profile parties without any source of business income and now a major shareholder of Dana Airlines.
Every senior operative in Lagos and Abuja knows the crook in chief Ogboru’s office and are fully aware of Magu car wash schemes,his connections and telephone conversations with agents and the subversive influence to thwart investigations for greed.
Suspects will be directed in the middle of seemingly serious investigation to see Mr Ogboru@ while on bail at his Victoria Island Offìce for soft landing.
Thus to know where the loot is hidden we urge the fearless Justice Salami and other Members of this panel to widen the net and scope of Magus
investigation and investigate Kwarbai,Ghali,Ewela,Bashir, Ogboru et al and re-discover the definition of laundering of Public Assets.
The Panel should please invite public and private Memoranda from victims of Magu/Kwarbai extortion,framing and defamation and stealing.
The panel will be shocked with the disclosure on the activities of the Magu boys and their criminality.
In 2017 when whispers became loud Magu quickly disbanded the task force and redeployed Kwarbai to Police Headquaters and other members to Various police divisions and Re- created another team of loyalist to continue the car wash the scheme.
The Presidential panel should have the latitude to unearth the truth and recover several billions from Magu/Kwarbai and agents that have been warehousing Millions of Dollars and Naira from EFCC systematic off-balance sheet bleeding and re-looting.
EFCC un-official Treasurer Ogboru and his cohorts are still in service for the disgraced cartel.
The amount of recoveries under reported is mind boggling, it can fund monthly federal budget.
It’s time to unearth,recover and recommend sweeping structural reforms of the EFCC to attract talent, diversity and elevate the commissions
governance and oversight framework to serve Nigeria.
The pharaonic days of Magu should never be repeated and all co-conspirators and disgraced operatives now hiding from the car wash scheme but helped Magu abuse his office should be exposed and face the law.
EFCC deserves best practice and Nigeria should rise!
If you love Truth and Care for public interest
Pls share this whistle until it reaches respected Justice Salami Panel.
We all have a duty of care.

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