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Manifesto of Sir. Eloka Clement Ikeh (Ifediche), PDP Candidate for Anambra State House of Assembly, Nnewi North Constituency:

I, Sir. Eloka Clement Ikeh (Ifediche), seek to represent the people of Nnewi North Constituency at the Anambra State House of Assembly under the umbrella of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP.

If elected, I will work towards fulfilling the promises I am making in this manifesto to bring positive change (IFEDICHE) and development to Nnewi North Constituency.

  1. Consultation with former house members: I will consult with all former house members from Nnewi North Constituency to ensure that all past motions and projects that were signed but not yet implemented, are pursued to conclusion. I will also work towards initiating new projects that will improve the lives of the people in Nnewi North Constituency.
  2. Setting up a lobby team:
    I will set up a formidable think tanks lobby team that will make sure that special attention is given to Nnewi by the present state government on core issues bedeviling the town. The team will work closely and collaborate with relevant stakeholders, including government officials, community leaders, and civil society organizations, to identify the pressing needs of the constituency and develop a roadmap for addressing them.
  3. Law Making: I Sir Eloka Clement Ikeh (Ifediche) promises to make effective contributions towards enacting laws that will enhance the development of Nnewi North Constituency and Anambra State as a whole. I will ensure that laws that will benefit the people of Nnewi are introduced and passed at the state level because i know the needs of the common man in Nnewi North Constituency. Also the Public would also be given the opportunity to provide input on proposed bills through public hearings or other means of consultation.
  4. Transparent and Accountable Leadership: I will ensure that I am accountable to the people of Nnewi North constituency by providing regular updates on my stewardship and engaging with them on a regular basis (Periodic Town Hall Meeting) . I will also work towards ensuring transparency in the allocation and utilization of public resources.
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I have made a promise to bring home all constituency projects approved for Nnewi North Constituency throughout my tenure if elected. This pledge underscores my commitment to ensuring that the people of Nnewi North have access to the resources and development we deserve. I would hold the relevant government agencies accountable for the timely and effective implementation of such projects.
To achieve this goal, I pledge to establish a functional system for monitoring the progress of constituency projects in Nnewi North. I intend to work closely with community leaders, youth leaders and other stakeholders to ensure that all projects are executed according to the agreed timeline, budget, and quality standards.

Establish a government project cost portal that will publish the expenses of all approved Constituency projects. This initiative aims to eliminate waste and corruption by promoting transparency in public expenditure.

  1. Sustainable Scholarship Scheme: Education is the bedrock of any society. As your representative, I will establish a formidable, functional
    scholarship scheme that will outlive my stay at the Anambra State House of Assembly. The scheme will provide financial support to indigent students in the constituency to enable them to access quality education and improve their future prospects.
  2. Skill Acquisition Centre:
    As a young person, I understand the challenges that young people face in our society especially Nnewi. I will set up a skill acquisition center to empower the youths and women in the constituency. The center will provide training and support for skills such as tailoring, web design, Programming, welding, plumbing, carpentry, Graphics Design and other trades. This will equip them with the necessary skills to be self-employed and contribute to the economic development of Nnewi North constituency.
  3. I will empower 1,000 youths in the constituency by providing them with Mentorship, startup capital for small businesses. This will help to reduce youth unemployment in Nnewi North constituency and improve the standard of living for the people.
  4. Health Insurance Scheme: Health is wealth. I will work towards enacting laws that will facilitate the establishment of a community-based health insurance scheme for the people of Nnewi North Constituency because i know the need for a comprehensive health insurance scheme for my people.
    This will provide access to quality healthcare services for the people of Nnewi North Constituency and help to reduce the financial burden of healthcare costs.
  5. Agricultural Development: Nnewi North constituency has a large number of farmers who need support to increase their productivity. I will work with the State Government to provide necessary support to farmers such as access to credit, improved seedlings, and farm inputs.
  6. Improved Infrastructure Development: As a member of the State House of Assembly, I will work with the State Government to ensure that Nnewi North constituency gets its fair share of infrastructure development. This will include roads, water supply, and electricity.
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My experience and expertise in real estate surveying/valuation and construction will be used to address the various infrastructure challenges faced by Nnewi as i have demonstrated in Akaboezem community where i am currently serving as a community leader.

  1. Regular Town Hall meetings:
    I will hold regular town hall meetings with the people of Nnewi North Constituency to give an account of my stewardship so far and to be abreast with the issues on the ground in Nnewi. This will enable me to effectively serve as a true representation of the people of Nnewi at Awka.
  2. Market Tax Review Strategy: I desire to support our local traders by reducing their tax burdens.

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the challenges faced by traders in Nnewi markets, and i believe that reducing their tax burden will help them to thrive and grow their businesses.

I aim to work closely with the relevant authorities to identify tax policies that can be reviewed to reduce the tax burden on traders in Nnewi North Constituency.

If elected, I, Sir. Eloka Clement Ikeh (Ifediche), will work tirelessly to fulfill the promises outlined in this manifesto. I will represent the people of Nnewi North Constituency with honor, integrity, and dedication. Together, we can bring about positive change (Ifediche) and development in the constituency.

God bless Nnewi North Constituency

Vote PDP
Vote Ifediche.

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