Memorial of Late Sir (Cab) Emmanuel OBINNAYA ONYENWE KSC, MBA, MSC,(COOKHAM), MNIM, JP 1944-2020

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-Princely Onyenwe

This memorial episode will remain evergreen in the sands of history and in the hearts of your beloved family members, that once upon a time, EMMANUEL OBINNAYA ONYENWE lived a FULFILLED life to achieve numerous feats on earth and in the end, his spirit spark gloriously transited to Godhead.

As the years count, we, your Aristocrat and Christian family will ever mortalize your name EMMANUEL OBINNAYA ONYENWE.

We are happy of your memorial because you lived a good life worthy of emulation.You groomed your children excellently and the family is embedded in discipline and hardwork, Justice and love.

Late Sir EMMANUEL OBINNAYA ONYENWE was born to the christian family of late Ngeremokwu and Ezinne Fedelia Onyenwe of Umunwugo, Umuite, Umuagwu, Umudoche Umuoma Nekede Autonomous Community in Owerri West local government area of Imo state Nigeria.

There is no doubt that late EMMANUEL grow up in a christian way and devoted most of his youthful age in Anglican youth fellowship from parish to the diocesan level.

He was the originator and initiator of some of the recent songs being used in the Anglican Choir through his relentless effort to serve humanity.

It was during his time that the slogan “Fellowship in Christ Jesus” was formed. Anglican Youth and Choir was merged by his wisdom as one body in Christ during his time as youth leader in 1981-1985. His tenure recorded huge success, established a church in Umuofo OHAJI EGBEMA and the Former CMS Umuoye, now “St luke the Evangelist” and won many laurels credited to his competent leadership.

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During his school age, the young EMMANUEL then was a brilliant dude and that endeared him to win many awards among which was the popular keenly contested ORATTA COUNTY COUNCIL Scholarship examination in 1950’s.

In the civil war, EMMANUEL OBINNAYA ONYENWE served as Information/signal officer and was favoured to succeed amidst the pressure of the civil war. It was by his name (E)mmanuel (O)nyenwe and his prompt and quality reportage both in IHEME memorial and as a signal officer that Nick named him “Echo Oscar”

However, he attended the famous IHEME MEMORIAL GRAMMAR SCHOOL Ndizugo and made the Cambridge/WASC (Division-1) in 1964.

He studied marketing in the renowned Moorhall COOKHAM University United Kingdom. His PGDM was at Kaduna Polythecnic in the year 2000 and Masters of business administration MBA degree in UNICAL 2004 set.

While in the civil service, he worked in various capacities and retired meritoriously as Assistant Trade Officer in the then Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism.

Information reveales that late EMMANUEL OBINNAYA ONYENWE was incharge of writting governors and commissioners address from the ministry.

When he retired, he became the manager UZII printing press Owerri Imo state.

Late EMMANUEL can be remembered for his goodwill. He led by example, making justice his watchword throughout his sojourn on the planet earth.

In Community service, you served in many capacities and as the Chairman, Umudoche Development Union, Umuoma Autonomous Community, you excelled.

He was a founding member of De-Na Agwu Town. An Old boy of the CMS Central School, Nekede, Iheme Memorial Grammar School, Ndizuogu, Orlu, an alumni of Kaduna State Polytechnic, and University of Calabar.

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He also picked up a certificate at the Institute of Marketing, Moorhall, Cookham United Kingdom.

Politically, the good people of Nekede, Owerri West LGA and Imo State
of Nigeria will definitely miss him. He served as a political party secretary till death.

The saints of God at Saint Christopher (KSC) Egbu Diocese will ever remember his dogged commitment to the things of God.

The Umuoma Royal Cabinet will ever remember his unassailable efforts as the cabinet secretary. Late Sir EMMANUEL OBINNAYA ONYENWE was a founding member of De-Na-Agwu Town, Founding member of Umuoma Nekede Autonomous community, Secretary Umuoma People’s Assembly, Secretary PCRC that resolved the lingered crises between Umuokpe and Umuanuihe kindreds.

The Imo State Government and of course, and all his colleagues who he left behind will ever remember him.

9News Nigeria will always share in your memorial. Nigeria at large will ever miss you.

Your love for God was unquestionably unique and extra ordinary. You served at various capacities at the Anglican Communion during your lifetime.

His hobby was farming, poultry, vegetable gardening, Snail, Fishery and crop farming.

No doubt your life was an exemplary one, full of the graces of God. Late EMMANUEL was a legendary Personality, a peace maker, a man of justice, a historian, an academia, an administrator, an ICON of leadership, a rare gem, father of prosperous children and grand children, a renowned pen pusher, a voice (Echo Oscar) and a colossus.

While we remember his past life lived here on earth it will be sacrosanct to bring to the public range his efforts invested in IMO STATE GOVERNMENT.

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He was project officer, Orlu regional market. Project officer Aladinma shopping center/Mall. Project officer Enyimba/Aba Hotels LTD. Project officer Imo Hotels LTD. Scheduled Trade Officer, Export Matters and Secretary of Imo State Export Promotion Committee. Schedule officer, Governor’s and Commissioner’s address on commercial matters. Schedule officer of commercial projects Feasibility studies.

This genius was a Member 1st Imo International Trade Fair Planning Committee,1982. He was the Imo state representative at the Lagos, Kaduna, ABUJA and Enugu International Trade Fairs,1988-2000.

Other services include: Imo state government representative at Industrial Arbitration Panel Lagos, in matters if Trade Dispute. Member, management and financial Audit Panel in Imo Hotels LTD.
Chairman, investigation of Fraud member, committee on RECOVERY Imo Hotels LTD Okigwe from ABIA state University Uturu 1993-1995 . Member management Audit Panel on the Operations of Imo State Skill Acquisition Center Orlu 1988.

He also served as Inspector, IMO STATE GOVERNMENT registration of business premesis RPB,2002.

“Daddy, We remember you each moment with utmost respect, care and love, not just on your burial date 11th Of December “

“You were a true father we cannot erase the impact of your leadership in our lives”

We shall continue to trust God while your memorial remains evergreen!!

To God be the glory!!


Amb.Princely Ugochukwu Onyenwe
(9News Nigeria Owerri)

Opara Owerri Eji EJe Mba

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