Mike Tyson offers $10million to the man who will have courage to marry his first daughter, who until today, has not found a man to marry her

Mike Tyson and daughter, Mitchell Tyson
Mike Tyson and daughter, Mitchell Tyson
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The Former Boxing Heavyweight, Mike Tyson seems to be upset that his daughter could not find a man in her life all these years and that she is still a virgin.

Tyson has therefore offered a mouth watering amount of $10 million to any suitor who is ready and courageous to take his first daughter to the altar.

Although Tyson’s first daughter, Mitchell seems to have inherited some traits from her father, she is big, strong, charming, imposing with beautiful dark skin and weighs 150 pounds.

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  1. Hi I think she would be perfect for my brother why my brother last girl friend was290 pounds an he adore big boy women so please u really need a good husband for her u can what’s app at 1876 -317-90-43 are u can call me on this number 1876-486-9113 please thank you she very beautiful woman an look a amazing

  2. Untill I see her full picture, I reserve my proposal and comments. Mitchel should post her full picture. I don’t want to proporse yet cos I am not looking for wealth but love. I think I will love to be with her, not the money. She needs love ,petting and cares.

    • I am very much interested, and only if give the chance will treat your daughter well like a woman not because of your money but because she is amazing. 08100651172

  3. Careful!, Careful!!; What happens when those innevitable hubby & wifey squabbles come up and Tyson feels like defending his daughter. Is Tysons deadly left hooke still there ??

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