Mr Chibuzor Obalim Disagrees With The Lies Of Okechukwu Anarado On The Ongoing Ivite Umueri Land Grabbing Saga

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Umueri Land Grab for Anambra Airport
Umueri Land Grab for Anambra Airport
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When Mr Obalim (a surveyor of Ivite Umueri extraction) was contacted by 9news Nigeria Anambra State office, in search of the truth on some issues raised by Mr Okechukwu Anarado on the acquisition of the parcels A, B, C &D of the Anambra State International Cargo And Passengers Airport, he disagreed with some of Mr Anarado’s assertions.

I will write in plain languages and avoid the use of professional terminologies to drive my points.

Firstly, Governor Peter Obi didn’t finish the acquisition of Parcel B, C and D respectively, He may have proposed for extra lands for expansion but certainly not B,C&D, if he did why was C&D still proposed as at the time of the commencement of the Airport project in November, 2019?

Ndi Umueri were privileged to engage the actors of the Airport project on the 15th Nov 2019 after the first protest by our aged men and women whom there farm products were destroyed without prior notice to host community on the commencement of the Airport project.

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We were at the office of the Commission for Local govt and Chieftaincy matters where the meeting was held, SSG, Chief Of Staff, Commissioner For lands, Commissioner For works, The then Surveyor General, CSO Anambra State and some prominent Ndi Umueri to resolve the matter, in the course of our argument on the extent of land acquired, the Commissioner For works, Engr Marcel brought out a copy of the plan where it was boldly and clearly written PROPOSED ACQUISITION PARCEL C AND D.

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Remember that as at the time the meeting was held government had given us Ndi Umueri CTC of Parcel A,B,C&D which took us almost 3weeks to get a public document because they were trying to regularise their illegalities.
Do you certify when you are not done with the entire acquisition process including payment of compensations?

Secondly, The acquisitions was done within 11years of Dr Chris Ngige and Gov Peter Obi’s Administrations according to your assertions and they bear these same date, same Land Surveyor, with about 4 different Survey Plans with different figures as to the number of hectares acquired.

Umueri Women Protest Land Grabbing For Anambra Airport
Umueri Women Protest Land Grabbing For Anambra Airport

Thirdly, according to your assertions, the compensation for 760hectares was 145million naira while 539 hectares also received 142million naira, What parameters did the Estate Valuer Used to determine the Value per metre square, acre and hectare as the case maybe?

You equally agreed with me that C and D has not received any compensation from your write ups. Another question why Parcellate it when you can just describe it with the number of hectares, all the acquired land are owned by Ndi Umueri and no established road demarcations nor rivers to give rooms for separation.

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Fourthly, I am glad you quoted from the letter written to the Honourable Commissioner in 2016 For the establisment of clear boundaries between the acquired land and the host community, please tell this platform if that boundaries has been established. The answer is NO!

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What we have are Coordinates and control points that falls on our residential buildings, You know they could not dare to establish it because the Surveyors would go home with broken heads and all parts of their bodies. Establishing it means serving us QUIT NOTICE.

As much we welcome the Airport project, we will not be refugees in our land. 1,901.7 hectares is a NO! NO!!

We have done our independent survey using the govt Cordinates but this time around with features, identifying all their illegalities, like describing a track road behind Community primary school Mgbede Umueri as Stream on their own survey plan just to justify their inhumane.

Finally, if the Government is considerate and with the interest of the host community at heart, it is very simple.
INAUGURATE A PANEL OF INQUIRY to look into the crises but no they wouldn’t do it because of the hidden truth but I tell you this, every hidden thing about this land must be exposed and WE MUST reclaim our Lands.

Dear writer take this to the bank whether or not you need the Airport, You see Parcel C and D are not negotiable, Parcel B, they would have to clarify us so many issues concerning it.

If the Government like let them deploy all the security personnel in this world, we will all die in their hands, if only one person survives he/she will continue until Justice is served.

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