NDDC probe: Reconstruction of Imiringi Bridge, community Says Akpabio lied

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As feedback on the ongoing Niger Delta Development Commission NDDC probe, the people of the affected communities expressed disappointment over the inclusion of Imiringi bridge as one of the project executed by NDDC at the cost of N12billion, meanwhile the bridge has long collapsed and has remained so.

In what sounds like a street protest in Bayelsa, the affected communities have called on the House Representative member of the area and Senator of the affected district to call a Press Conference to refute Akpabio’s claims:

In an alarming Press Statement forwarded to 9News Nigeria, the community wrote in this tone:

“This is the bridge Senator Akpabio told the House committee it has been constructed for N12Billion..”

“This collapsed metal bridge was constructed by Shell to enable them access their oil wells located in a town called a Elebele in Ogbia LGA area of Bayelsa State..

When Bayelsa was created in 1996 and a road linking Opolo in the city of Yenagoa to Elebele was constructed then this bridge become the link bridge connecting those traveling from Yenagoa to Ogbia City, Nembe LGA and those headinf to Brass LGA via Elebele town where this bridge is situated..(The alternative route is Edepie-Imiringi road)”

“The wooden bridge was constructed by Ogbia LGA to help the indigenes access either side of the town.

The House of Reps member representing this bridge is a member of the House committee probing the NDDC. The member should as a matter of public importance and interest inform the committee that Akpabio and the professor did not construct any bridge..even though the member was silent while Akpabio was telling this lie over a project he is representing.. Let him do the needful by officially petitioning the committee that Akpabio was lying.. This will help calm nerves that are already getting stiff over this lies”.


“Imiringi my city shares boarder with Elebele town so I know all about it and I can say wihout blinking my eyes that Akpabio is lying…and God will not forgive him, the prof and those supporting that we should not talk becuase Northerners don’t talk with their sons and daughters loot”.

My call:

“I want to call on the 3 House of Assembly members from OGBIA to call for joint press conference over this lie.

I want to also call on the House of Reps Member representing Brass-Nembe Federal constituency to also call for a press conference to debunk this lie since his constituency is a beneficiary of this bridge..”

“I want to call on the Senator repsenring Bayelsa East where this bridege is situated to also call for a press conference debunking this lie.

I want to call on the Ogbia Local government Chairman to call for a press conference to debunk this lie”.

“I want to on the Ogbia Brotherhood Worldwide to call for a press conference and debunk this lie.

I want to call on the Ogbia Brotherhood Youth Council to call for a press conference and debunk this lie”.

“I want to call on the Ogbia Brotherhood Worldwide Women Wing to call for a press conference to Debunk this lie.

I want to call on the Obhan Emeyal Clan Youth Council to call for press conference and debunk this lie…Fortunately the president of this Council is from Elebele town”.

“Let all the above authority send in petition to the House Reps over this.

As people we must act now..

Imiringi callalpse Bridge since 2012 is still under construction”.

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Rev Ranami Afagha
Imiringi city bordering Elebele Town.


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