Nigeria 60th independence day celebration ; is it a wake up call or farewell celebration.

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(Nigeria at 60,what really are we celebrating ?)

Today 1st October just like every other 1st October is a massive celebration in Nigeria as we celebrate her 60th years of independence,not disputing this fact, the question remains on whether or not it deserves to be celebrated .

The fact that Nigeria is blessed can never be questioned , but when the whole endowment could not be traded in the right part ,the result could lead to a whole lot of ride to doom and hence what is presently happening in the country.

Are we celebrating 60 years of no stable light or 60 years of self slavery,60 years of tribal hate and religious war, coupled with 60 years of massive borrowing.

How do we now tell our kids that the same land they will march on and pledged to on this day have received the same march and pledge and still offers nothing .

At first when it came down to 49th independence, we were convinced a little bit that the approach towards the 50th independence would be something to look back on and say yes indeed we came a long way and so it did came to pass,here we are now in the 60th independence with no idea on how we got here with so many “change and next level and the worst being that their is no escape from it.

A country where the only excuse the leaders have to offer is blame against the past administration and it has gradually becoming a norm .

Today we have the hopes up on the presidential address containing millions of achievement and also millions of hope for future gens (hope for the country indeed and the future generation )who are we fooling ? Are we celebrating 60 years of rehabilitating terrorist or 60 years of killings and massacre ?,60 years of imprisoning innocent protesters whose only crime was speaking up.

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Are we celebrating 60 years of illiteracy and sickness or rather 60 years of recession and economical imbalance?,yet they keep saying the future looks bright on us.

Are we celebrating 60 years of always promising nice future for the future generations when the future has already cut up with us,or rather we celebrating 60 years of milking the country dry?

How can we tell the future generation that the debt the have to pay was incurred by the same people who promised them a nice future ,or rather they should see borrowing as a tradition that should be handed over to their next generation.

Are we celebrating independence of a country whose minimum wage can’t buy one bag of foreign rice ,or are we celebrating the independence of unrepaired and bad roads.

Nigeria indeed where is that glory !

The future is here with us and its not looking any bright.

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