Nigeria worse embarrassment in foreign countries till counting under Buhari

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Since President Muhammadu Buhari came to power in 2015, Nigeria’s image which already was no more appealing outside its shores due to its outstanding ranking in executive corruption led by government officials themselves, the alarming number of the poor vis-à-vis the country commonwealth, the ever swollen number of unemployment, the country rating went from bad to worse and nose dived to a level where Nigerian citizens and institutions of government are seen as nuisance overseas.

From his entrance in 2015 if it’s not Buhari himself who will travel outside Nigeria to say women are only “good for the other room”, he will tag youths he does not provide job for lazy in his trips overseas.

Because Nigerians are vilified by their own President himself, the American President Donald Trump owed Nigeria no apology by calling the country “Shithole”. America didnt stop there. It went ahead to slamp Nigeria with “Visa restriction”.

South Africa took from there and started vandalizing Nigerian shop and homes, killing several hundred and leaving several incapacitated through injuries on an ejection drive they themed “South African xenophobia for Nigerians”.

We have lost our appellation of “The giant of Africa”. Small countries like Congo which could the population of just three States in Nigeria, Kano, Lagos and Bayelsa put together has recently ejected Nigeria Ambassador in Congo.

Ghana took its turn on Sunday and demolished Nigeria Embassy in their country.

During Olusegun Obasanjo’s time as President, a visiting President of SaoTome and Principe was overthrown by the military while he was in Abuja. President Obasanjo gave the juntas 24hrs to reinstate the President or Nigeria invades the country.They complied within 24hrs.

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What is Buhari doing in this case of Ghana assault and gross crime against the international convention and violation of Vienna diplomatic laws?

We are told Ghana called him and apologized. That is usually the routine when Nigeria is smeared, assaulted and reduced to a piece of bread outside our shores.

Next overseas embarrassment loading?
Yes still counting under Buhari whatch…

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