OGITECH SU Election; Who is this GOAT?

Ikudehinmu Muyiwa Damilola PKA GOAT has been seen as a contender for the upcoming Student Union Election at Ogun state Institute of Technology Igbesa.

9NewsNigeria correspondent gathered that the current Student Union Social Director 1 popularly known as Klassic saved his number as Damilola Muyiwa 001 SUG even without an official declaration of his campaign.

It was also gathered that his graphics went viral on WhatsApp status on some prominent students on campus since three days ago.

Prior to the wider publicity of GOAT, some cabal of students also described GOAT as Peter Obi who was seen as a Social Media Person.

In an interview with Damilola, “My main vision is Restructuring, creating an environment for peaceful rising among our dear ogitites”.

He further said, “Adopting initiative that will correspond with the trends of the 24 century”.

He maintained that he will be Soliciting for peace and advancement in the learning skills of our dear students.

According to the motto of our ogitech which says “we are the pride of the nation” ensuring to make our students have an intensive knowledge technically in order to help prepare them for the labour market

See more about Ikudehinbu Muyiwa Damilola

My name is Ikudehinbu Muyiwa Damilola, I am born and brought up in lagos, but I am from Ondo state in the ILAJE LAND, ORI OKE IWAMIMO. I started my primary education from a private school called EMILY MEMORIAL NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL. When I was about entrying primary5, I was transferred to a public primary school called, ST MICHAEL ANGLICAN NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL ONE OJO, LAGOS STATE.

I attended OJO HIGH JUNIOR AND SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL OJO, where I obtained my SSCE. My daddy is a pastor and a true prophet of God in Zion church before he laid down his sword on the 4th of April 2022.

I was admitted into Ogun State Institute Of Technology Igbesa in 2019, while up till date I am still a proudly bonafide member of this reputable citadel of learning.

Este’e Lauder stated and I quote, “I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.” Please my fellow ogitites, IKUDEHINBU MUYIWA DAMILOLA, popularly known as GOAT, a microbiology student under SCIENCE LABORATORY TECHNOLOGY option, from the faculty of school of pure and applied science(SPAS) want all the entire Ogitech populace to know that a little boy like me who will be willing to serve you all with humility, loyalty and all my strength, is coming for the betterment of ogitech, to ensure that the students welfarism is attained, to ensure that there’s always transparency in every deeds, to ensure that there is continuity from the works of our past and present Student Union Government administration of our dear Institution in order to attaining an academic excellence.

It’s high time we join hands in working together for the betterment of our dear Ogitech in order not to make the labour of our past and present leaders be in vein. We should all remember what Abraham Lincoln said, that, “a house divided against itself can not stand. Let’s do this together.

Aluta continua! Victoria ascerta!

Emmanuel Afolabi

Emmanuel Oluwatomisin Afolabi (EOA) is a reporter with 9News Nigeria. A young and dynamic minister and lover of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He served as the Editor & Production Manager of the Voice Magazine. He obtained his National Diploma from the department of Mass communication, Ogun State Institute Of Technology, IGBESA (OGITECH), and studied Journalism and Media Studies at Alison (Online Course) HND in View. He is a Political Analyst and the Keynote Speaker - Let's Talk Politics. He is happily blessed with his parent, Revd &Pst Mrs Daniel Afolabi and his younger ones, Timileyin & Mary Afolabi. Phone number: 08131194469 Instagram & Facebook - Emmanuel Oluwatomisin Afolabi Email:

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