OPINION: As University of Ibadan Graduate Regretted Being A Nigerian and Committed Suicide By Hanging…

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University of Ibadan graduate commits suicide
University of Ibadan graduate commits suicide
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It was shocking and disturbing, reading the news report shared on 9News Nigeria platform which stated that a young man who was full of life had to take his own life owing to the harsh economic situation in Nigeria already worsened by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The man was said to have written a suicide note in which he expressed his disappointment and regret about being a Nigerian. He also stated that he had suffered enough.

University of Ibadan Graduate allegedly commits suicide, leaving a note stating that “He Has Suffered Enough And Regrets Been A Nigerian.”

But my question is, why would any one as young as that, and a graduate for that matter, give up hope so easily simply because he could not make ends meet momentarily.

University of Ibadan graduate commits suicide
University of Ibadan graduate commits suicide

It’s obvious that Nigerian government has failed the youths of Nigeria in that after going through the hassles of getting education, there will not be any hope of getting a befitting job to cater for the three necessities of life such as shelter, food and clothing.

This condition of deprivation obviously leaves the Youths of Nigeria desperately hopeless and despaired of living thereby subjecting them to rash deadly decisions that consequently land them into trouble and sometimes take their lives.

One of the consequences of this condition of hopelessness is that the youths get themselves involved in stupid dubious adventures such as thievery, robbery, barbaric acts which include human rituals and occult practices, drug addiction, sexual abuse, harassment, rape and political thuggery to the advantage of the politicians.

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I wonder who as a youth would be proud to be a citizen of such a country that neither empowers her youths nor caters for their basic needs. No wonder why 90% of Nigerian youths would rather swim across the ocean if possible, just in search of a greener pasture thereby leaving thousands dead within months in deserts and oceans.

University of Ibadan graduate commits suicide
University of Ibadan graduate commits suicide

I wonder how many millions of Nigerian youths are currently gnashing their teeth and regretting being a Nigerian.

In my opinion, youth unemployment in Nigeria has metamorphosed into a national pandemic worse than Coronavirus, and therefore, the government of Nigeria should as a matter of do or die (urgency) invent schemes and programs that is capable of addressing the massive Youth uselessness and unemployment.

By Obinna Ejianya. @obinna_ejianya
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