Opinion: New Imo House Of Assembly Complex, An Eloquent Demonstration Of Speaker Ibeh’s Robust Synergy With Uzodinma

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By Ikechukwu Iweajunwa (9News Owerri)

The chronicles of the legislative and governance sagacity of the Speaker, Imo State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Kennedy Ibeh can only be incomplete at best, without an honest appraisal of his quintessential role in the birth of a new Imo House of Assembly complex, an edifice which observers have adjudged world class.

One would wonder how, in the midst of scarce resources, the Obowo born legislator, would attract such a contract, one which his predecessors has attempted to achieve, but in vain.

This milestone achievement, in addition to the introduction of people-friendly bills and enactment of laws, is in no way a small feat since the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria advocates a separation of powers between the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary.

It is noteworthy that only a leader with full capacity can, without infringing on constitutional provisions, maintain a robust synergy with other arms of Government, especially the Executive, which is saddled with the responsibility of management of funds in a democratic setting like ours.

That Rt Hon. Kennedy Ibeh oversaw the reconstruction of the Assembly complex speaks volumes of his intellectual foresight and administrative competence, blended with his penchant for healthy partnerships in governance.

Only a leader with strong leadership acumen, intellectual sagacity and tenacity of purpose can build one of the best Assembly complexes in Africa, a prototype of Nigeria’s indisputable pride of place as the giant of Africa.

Only a leader with people oriented leadership goals will sustain healthy partnerships, enact development-oriented laws and materialize his promise to restore the lost glory of the Imo State House of Assembly.

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Moreover, Imo State is now safer than it used to be before the emergence of Rt Hon Kennedy Ibeh, thanks to his informed decision-making and unfettered commitment to the Imo State of our dreams.

Therefore, it would be unheard of that a man with strong leadership potential, as portrayed in his achievements as Speaker, Imo State House of Assembly, is not given 101 per cent support to keep flying the flag of Obowo state constituency in the state House of Assembly.

The time is now, for all sons and daughters of Obowo to consolidate the representative prowess of a son in whom they are well pleased, a son whose scorecard speaks for itself, a man who surmounts the insurmountable and whose goodwill Imo people are celebrating today.

This is a clarion call on all well meaning sons and daughters of Obowo, to firmly hold their ground with Rt Hon Kennedy Ibeh, the voice of Obowo in the comity of constituencies, so that he can consolidate his achievements, and speak for Obowo at the highest cubicles of Government.

Indeed, Rt Hon Kennedy Ibeh has become the pride of Obowo and it is time to reaffirm their support for him and commitment to the Obowo Project. He is a star whose light must not be put out for it shines across the Obowo Council Area, Imo and Nigeria at large.

We therefore call on Obowo people to come out en masse to vote Rt Hon Kennedy Ibeh, preseve his mandate and maintain high level of relevance in the scheme of things. This gold fish has presented a golden opportunity for the increased emancipation of Obowo LGA.


As he flies the highly coveted flag of the ruling All Progressives Congress, this is time to rally round our illustrious son, for united we shall continue to stand.

History will remember, and posterity will judge us right if we return the Rt. Hon Speaker to the House of Assembly in the 2023 elections. Indeed Obowo and Imo state will rejoice with Kennedy Ibeh.

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