OPINION: Nigerian leaders should avoid destroying Nigeria wilfully

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By Prince Charles Okongwu

Truth is like a flood. You can not stop it… it must pull down all the blockages on its way when it over follows. We are just flooded now. Be aware Nigerians. Our Illiterates leaders are trying to deceive us. We can hear their heartbreaking utterances.

Not all bandits are criminals’. but we called them Fools. Who is a bandit? Who is a criminal? A lot of bloody drama and joke’s is ongoing. it’s too sad. Bandits leant their banditry from Niger Delta militants.

What kind of history are we building for our children. As a child, I watched a movie called 007 acted by an American film star, James bond. It was mainly a heart tricked movies packed actions of robberies and spying or ecstasy. We that watched such movies should all become armed robbers as now advocated by our foolish leaders.

Islamic cleric and former military officer, Sheikh Abubakar Gumi visits Boko Haram bandits in Zamfara forest, calls for peace (Photos) -2
Islamic cleric and former military officer, Sheikh Abubakar Gumi visits Boko Haram bandits in Zamfara forest, calls for peace (Photos) -2

A bandit who kidnapped school children from their school, for either ransom or is killed, raped, remarried or blocking his or her education for our children are not criminals but some persons are still in jail in some Nigerian prisons as a prisoner for kidnapping. It’s the same crime committed but some are paid the ransom by the government or released as a repented criminal.

My dear, there is no repentance in criminality. It’s sad while others are sent to lavished in prisons.

While the favoured ones are paid millions and sent freed. It’s too horrifying to notice such discrepancies. Can you just imagined that a politician said We Nigeria’s enjoys and believe or deserved to be poorly governed?


Who will ever wish or think such a way for her citizens except for our leaders? It’s false, the issue is that Nigerians are intimidated in to poorly deserved governance either by force like in the Lekki toll gate protest shooting and other notable forceful arrests and killings in the country.

Even the footage images of the shooting findings were rejected as evidence. Moreover, daily examples are our electricity companies giving bills on estimation without prepaid metering and forceful disconnecting of citizens households with even backed-up Nigerian police services or civil defence authority or the Arny.

You can now see it’s not Nigerian believing or deserving poorly governance but forceful extortion. We have its regulatory body to monitor such abuses but its moribund in functions or compromised with realities. Our telecommunications data management does not have any regulations as it exploits users. Regulatory enforcement body has all failed Nigeria’s citizens in all her agencies. It’s sad.

All I am advocating is we are taking a very deadly part of our existence or coexistence with our stands now as a time bomb. We need to be very mindful of the (pedestrians) we are working on to avoid crashing. Let us call a spade a spade in all our talks as a nation.

A notable minister once said Nigerians should defend themselves against bandits attacks/insecurities. So we are now free to carry arms. Because we can’t defend ourselves without arms. It also means that Nigeria is a failed state hence citizens should now defend themselves. Its horrific said. Now how can Nigerians defence authority make such a statement and will seek justification in attacking south-west security or ESN with army helicopters and flying jets in Orlu recently?


My question now is, why will the government be fighting her citizens over doing what they, our government has failed to do?

It was reportedly very clear that herdsmen, bandits or Boko haram have killed many unprotected Nigerians. It is the sole responsibility of the government to protect its citizens. Governance is all about being responsible for your citizens’ safety and protection.

Leadership without responsibilities is a total failure to citizens rights and protection as constituted in the constitution. I will keep advising Nigeria’s leader’s to stop useless talks as it concerns Nigerians,we are not fools, but only that most Nigerians are peace-loving people who can easily get adapted to forceful conditions out of necessity of peace-loving people.

But can also be easily annoyed into violence because no body has the monopoly of violence as a birth right than others.

Avoid forcing us to the wall because we will automatically tune back to the attacker. So, If you don’t have a reasonable speech to make keep quite. An English adage said. He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a wise man. So kindly teach him for he will surely understand.

But he who knows not and does not know that he knows not, he is a big compound fool. My brother, please forget such people because such people are too dangerous and harmful and can easily destroy you and your existence because they will refuse to learn. Nigeria’s leaders should avoid destroying Nigeria wilfully.

By Prince Charles Okongwu

Prince Charles Okongwu

Prince Charles Okongwu is a freelancing Opinion Writer for 9News Nigeria

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