Opinion: Uzodinma, is UKAEGO not your sister?

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Governor Hope Uzodinma - Imo State Governor
Governor Hope Uzodinma - Imo State Governor
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By Collins Opurozor –

Whoever that is still in doubt that there is a deliberate effort by Chief Hope Uzodinma to sell out Imo people, this piece is your answer. To be sure, it is not a coincidence that under the watch of the Omuma-born chief, Imo has become a city of blood and fertile ground for many brutish gun-wielding state and non-state actors to demonstrate their abiding hatred for innocent citizens. The fish rots from the head, a Chinese proverb says.

In the face of the nightmarish killings, arson and abductions in the state, Uzodinma has either lent his endorsement to the barbarity through his deafening silence, or by constantly and willfully misdiagnosing the situation so as to continue to proffer the wrong solutions. These have combined to enable the pathetic situation in Imo continue apace. This is how vulnerable Imo people have become.

It is very heartbreaking to recall that it is now past one week since a daughter of Imo state was attacked in a bizarre and intolerable manner by suspected security operatives at her official residence. The pride of Imo State in the Supreme Court today, Justice Mary Ukaego Odili, had her home brutally raided and her life almost taken away by some sworn enemies of Ndigbo. Till this moment, Uzodinma has not condemned that bestiality. He has not spoken about or against it to show the collective solidarity of Imo people for Ukaego’s lofty ideals and the people’s rejection of the wicked contrivances against her.

Born in Ezinihitte Mbaise, Ukaego has held numerous important offices, including Judge, High Court of Rivers State (1992–2004), Justice, Court of Appeal, Abuja Division (2004–2010), and Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal, Kaduna Division (2010–2011). In 2011 she became Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

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Following the death of Sylvester Ngwuta and retirement of Bode Rhodes both of which occured in March this year, Ukaego quickly rose from fourth to second position in seniority in Nigeria’s apex court, next only to the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad. And if for any reason Tanko leaves today, Ukaego is the next in line to head the judicial arm of government in Nigeria. Ukaego holds one of the highest national honours in the country – Commander of the Order of the Federal Republic (CFR) – and she was for eight years the First Lady of Rivers State.

This is the jewel, the amazon and the paragon of excellence from Imo state that some persons within the oligarchy of Nigeria now want to destroy. They want to take her out of the way because she is Igbo and she comes from a state with governor who neither speaks for nor defends its citizens. They want her sun to set at noon so that the judiciary in Nigeria will continue to grope in the dark.

A statement from the Supreme Court after that deadly attack points to its motive and purpose. And it says, “We are alarmed with the news of the unwarranted and despicable raid on the official residence of one of our senior justices in the Supreme Court, Hon. Justice Mary Ukaego Peter Odili, JSC, CFR on Friday October 29, 2021 in a Gestapo manner that unfortunately depicted a gory picture of war by some armed persons suspected to be security operatives representing different agencies of government, who seemed to have come to kill and maim their target under the guise of undertaking a search whose warrant was questionable and baseless.”


It continues, “We are deeply saddened and taken aback by this uncivilized and shameful show of primitive force on an innocent judicial officer that has so far spent several years of her productive life serving the country she calls her own.”

What now troubles the world is the reason Uzodinma has remained mute over this unconscionable attack on a daughter of Imo State. Already, the political leadership of Rivers State has spoken up in condemnation of the ordeals of Ukaego. Why is the so-called governor of Imo State silent over the heartbreaking assault on “Nwa Ada Imo” in a strange land? In Igbo culture, the silence of Uzodinma over the unfortunate attack on an innocent “Nwa Ada” is a huge sacrilege for which the land often takes vengeance. Uzodinma, is Ukaego not your sister?

One thing is clear from the foregoing: Uzodinma has made Imo citizens guinea pigs for the experimentation of state brutality in Nigeria. Violations of human rights have enveloped lmo, and many innocent youths mowed down every now and then, yet the complacent Uzodinma finds the convenience to starch his caftans, tone up his skin, drink his champagnes and fly around the country for worthless jamborees. Uzodinma has certainly shown that he is not a governor of Imo State and for Imo people; he is instead an overlord and colonizer who rules over Imo State!

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