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PDP and APC: NA DEM DEM (Birds Of Same Feather)

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Nigerian politicians - APC-PDP
Nigerian politicians - APC-PDP
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When hope is high and expectations fall short the heart is broken. However, the wonderfulness of hope is that even when it’s obvious that the contrary is certain, hope is still hopeful, hopefully hoping that the obvious is overturned and overtaken by that which is the positive expectations from the beginning.
When All Progressive Congress (APC), the much anticipated mega party which most Nigerians believed would be the van to tow the country out of the economic Limbo it found it’s self under the sixteen years of PDP rule finally arrived after it’s formation not few Nigerians heaved a sigh of relief, this was much so given the caliber and antecedent of some few political juggernauts in the coalition.
However, what Many people failed to realise was that the only thing new about the APC in Nigeria’s political firmament was it’s name and nothing else, this is because apart from the name as mentioned earlier, all the persons and political players involved in the coalition were not new in the politics of Nigeria.
They were women and men who have been actively involved in the politics and governance of nation. Even some of them were actively involved in the military politics of the past and inglorious era of our dear nation, Nigeria.
So it happened that I, yours sincerely was not expectant of anything good from them, how much more miracle from these mostly bunch of disgruntled PoliHawks who came together to form APC.
To confirm what I already knew and even make matters worse, was the electing of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, Rtd as the presidential candidate of APC. To me this error was the very nail that nailed APC to the wrong side of Nigeria’s political history, jettisoning any probable good Omen.
I knew he wouldn’t perform. I knew he is a religious bigot and would certainly divide Nigeria along religious lines. I knew he lacks the intellectual capacity and sagacity for positive pilotal of a mega country like Nigeria.
I knew Buhari would be nepotistic and wouldn’t select the most competent Nigerians into his cabinet, I knew merit would take the back stage in a government headed by Buhari if he should win election and form a government.
My fear was confirmed when it took him six months to form his cabinet, and without fear of contradiction he came up with the most tribalised, nepotistic and inept government in Nigeria’s current democratic dispensation, and that’s not forgetting that Buhari’s government also has the inglorious record of the most religious bias in the history of Nigeria.
I stand to be challenged by anyone who feel that my assertion is wrong, I would want such person to tell me in a very unambiguous terms any different between this government from that of the past PDP administration, especially as it relates to personalities, promise delivery, one-sided anti corruption clampdown on perceived political enemies, contract inflammation, insecurity and general corruption.
With deeper insight one could even conclude that PDP is more sincere than APC to a reasonable extent. While PDP never lay any claim to sainthood and righteousness, APC goes about deceiving Nigerians and international community of being angels of righteousness, saints and incorruptible men and women of integrity and anti corruption giants but,  that’s all lies.
What I have observed in Nigeria is that if a politician is in PDP in the morning that politician is called a rogue, thief, corrupt, conservative and everything a bad politician is, but the moment the same person decamps to APC in the evening, then he is a new creature and every evil thing about him or her are passed away, the person is now a Saint, Progressive and Democrat. This is the kind of barefaced lies thrown at Nigerians since the emergence of APC.
I’m of the opinion that PDP and APC are birds of same feather that flocks together, they’re all brotherhood of loot. But put side by side I would go for PDP because they are not skillful and intelligent looters, hence you don’t find it difficult to identify them, and in addition they may have genuinely repented and repositioned.
But for this APC, they are a very dangerous bunch, wolves in sheep’s clothing, holier than thou politicians who have continuously taken Nigerians for fools with their shameless and many lies, while at the same time looting us dry.
Their game is the more you look the less you see kind of corruption. Many Nigerians including the very ardent followers and members of the party have already seen it clearly that they have failed but like I said in the beginning of this article are just hanging on wishing that a magic will happen somehow, some are also so ashamed to leave and tell Nigerians that what they sold to them as authentic group have turned out to be worse than what they came to replace .
But truth be told magic don’t just happen, no, it takes having and electing leaders with magic wand to turn things around, if the man at the helm of affairs don’t have the magic wand expectations will always turn to frustration. The man APC presented to Nigerians is a ruler not a leader. He doesn’t have the magic wand.

Raph McJulius Enechi
Raph McJulius Enechi
Raph McJulius Enechi is a Prophet, Poet, Author and Televangelist, He is The Senior Pastor of THE BALANCED CHURCH, based in Lagos Nigeria

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