PDP NWC, BoTs, stakeholders, faithful and dedicated members and people of Anambra in general, Dr Ifedi Okwenna is the man sent by God for a time like this

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Written by Evng Emmanuel Chukwunonso

We have witnessed a lot of schemes by the enemies of Anambra whose aim is to distablize our state and plunge our state into anarchy. We have seen how the federal court in Abuja nullified the Excos of our great party PDP and now has gone ahead to ensure that sanity and peace is restored in our party by recommending the use of super delegates instead of the statutory delegates to vote for a credible aspirant with verifiable proof of work done while in government.

I have in my little capacity tried to educate my people ndi Anambra about a man sent by God to save us from certain destruction. A man whose track record in government can not be matched by any of the current aspirants. He did marvelously well for Anambra state under the administration of H.E Peter Obi, at that time as a commissioner of Environment and later Science and Technology.

Dr Ifedi Okwenna was the former Commissioner for Environment, Mineral Resources and Science and Technology, in Anambra State between 2006 and 2008 and for those two years won the best Commissioner for Environment award in Nigeria. He led Nigeria in many international fora on Environment. His era as Commissioner for Environment was a golden period for Anambra as far as environmental issues went.
He was the person who turned the notorious Upper Iweka roundabout into a Garden Park which, luckily, is still being maintained today.

He cleaned up the Bridge Head, Onitsha, hitherto occupied by various livestock sellers making the entrance to Anambra State unsightly and dirty. He eased up any form of traffic gridlock from Asaba end into Onitsha and ensured that entrance into Anambra was easy and effortless. He cleaned up the 50-year-old Creek Road dump site and today that large expanse of land retrieved from the garbage heap has been built up with industries, markets and residential houses. He cleaned up the 35year old Enugu road by High Court Garbage mountain, which was about 38 metres high, opened Otumoye/Nwangene Creek to serve as buffer to River Niger during high and low tide to de-flood Onitsha and opened up the internal drainage network for flood control in Onitsha.

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Under him the State Government constructed the Awka Flood Management scheme, which controlled the notorious Iyiagu Flood that swallowed a number of public buildings and hotels including Parktonia Hotel, Crescent Springs and nearly cut off the Enugu – Onitsha expressway. Dr Okwenna designed a comprehensive master plan for Flood Control in Awka creating a provision for development of a Lake in Awka.
During that time, a total of 185 active erosion sites were studied, designed and costed while 16 sites were constructed by the Peter Obi led Government under the supervision of Ifedi Okwenna.

They include 2 in Awka, 3 at Nnewi, 3 in Onitsha/Nkpor, Omaba, I in Ekwulobia, 2 in Nnaka, I in Uga, 1 in Osumenyi/Utuh, 1 in Oko.and 1 in Owelle Ezukala. He saw to the introduction in Anambra State, the Nigerian Erosion and Watershed Management Project (NEWMAP), which is a World bank assisted project aimed at addressing the Nigerian gully erosion crisis in South Eastern Nigeria and land degradation in Northern Nigeria on a multi-dimensional scale. Since he left office, not much have taken place in that sector.
He planned and commenced a $495,000 waste to energy facility for Idemili which would have provided 188 Mw of hybrid electricity using 3000 tons of waste and gas, creating 3500 direct jobs.

The project would have been funded by the International Financial Consortium on build operate and transfer (BOT) bases. Funding for this project was already secured and approved and all necessary designs and studies were completed but was abandoned after his exit.

the take over of the Nnewi Incubation Centre from the Federal Government by Anambra State Government and with his effort turned the Centre to a Finishing School, building young entrepreneurs who were retrained and given factory spaces at Ozubulu industrial Centre, He built a Sugarcane Processing Plant at Omor and established a Government owned company for exploration of kaolin in Ukpor.

Ifedi Okwenna funded the rebuilding of the abandoned science block at Boys High School Osumenyi, renovated classrooms at both Osumenyi Boys and Osumenyi Community Secondary School (Osumenyi Girls), Central School (St Lawrence), Omaigwe Community and Osumenyi Community schools.
Drainage at Nnewi North and South, back of Parktonia hotel, clearing garbages at Upper Iweka, Onitsha Head Bridge and Ogbo Hausa at head bridge axis, clearing and decongesting Onitsha Owerri road from Obodo road to Oba.


Fellow Anambrarians, if you read through my write up above you discover that Dr Ifedi is a God sent to us, also in the past few days, you will discover that I spoke against the rot in PDP and how some faction of the party tried to impose an aspirant on us which is against the ethics, the rules and regulations of our beloved party. Anambra state chapter of PDP is bigger than one man, and no one has the monopoly of violence or no one can take our party hostage thinking he can manipulate everyone in the party because of money.

At this stage I still come to you all with the message of PEACE, LOVE, HOPE AND TOLERANCE. This message is a message to all, a message to those who want to experience real CHANGE in our beloved State. PDP has been out of power for almost 16 years and the leaders and the sacked excos has not yet learned their lessons, if not what on earth would have pitched the PDP excos and the High Chief in a legal tussle to the extent that the incumbents congress, tenure and election was nullified yesterday by a court.

All these power tussle is what I warned of before now in my last write up. Though we still have another chance presented to us by God to make things right and this last chance is given to know other than the Super delegates who are now our last hope. In other for PDP to get things right now, let the Super delegates who are not lobbying for money or any position because by virtue they have attained all the heights and fame before now and are capable of delivering a statement that will gain the interest of PDP. Faithfuls.

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Today being 26th of June 2021 is the D day, but the truth remains if PDP has learned their lessons? Are they willing to give the right man the job? Are they ready to sheathe their sword and embrace love and unity of purpose to select the right aspirant who will unify the other aspirants? Are they ready to work together to win the election and return to Agu Awka? I introduce to you once again the man that can transform Anambra state to the mega city we all crave for. Dr Ifedi Okwenna who has a track record in government for all he has done during his time as a two time commissioner. He is competent, creative, capable, intelligent, humble, prudent and above all he pays attention to result oriented methods.

Dr Ifedi Okwenna is a desicplined man, he treats everyone equally, no matter your status, whether rich or poor, he does not believe in nepotism and favoritism, he gives the best man the job. He is a good administrator, a good listener, and a reading leader. Check out his 27 point agenda and 5 core objectives, you will see a workable blueprint from a grassroot master planner in politics, exactly what Anambra people need to get to the next level. Dr Ifedi Okwenna is the answer to the problems of our state, he is our solution and our only hope.

Super delegates, you know by virtue you can not and can never be influenced by money bag aspirants or enticed by gifts and promise of positions, therefore consider Dr Ifedi Okwenna, he is our choice, he is capable of making you our Super heroes proud, making us proud too and above all for his deeds to make God happy. Please vote for him, he is credible, he is capable, he is a God sent, he will deliver if given the opportunity.

Written by Evng Emmanuel Chukwunonso

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