Prof. Ndaeyo: Uniuyo VC designate and the soaring public trust

By Idorenyin Aquaisua

For sundry weighty reasons, the recent announcement of the appointment of Professor Nyaudoh Ukpabio Ndaeyo as the 8th substantive Vice Chancellor of the University of Uyo, (Uniuyo), by the Governing Council of the institution has not only continued to generate widespread endorsement and commendation but raised the hopes and expectations of the people both within and outside the university community.

Online public survey data indicate that the massive public interest in his appointment is, on one hand, a fitting recognition that Prof. Ndaeyo is a tested first-class scholar with peerless capacity to lead the University of Uyo at this material time, and on the other hand, a measured public trust that he has been sufficiently baked and primed for greater leadership performance. Strikingly, these ratings stemmed not merely from his pole-point academic height, vast leadership experiences and impressive antecedents as Lecturer, Exams Officer, Head of Department, Professor, Vice Dean, and Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Chairman, Committee of Deans, and Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration), etc., but also his remarkable leadership aptitude, altruistic disposition, integrity, discipline, tact, ingenuity and resourcefulness so graciously imbued in his unassuming and disarming personality.

Interestingly, Prof. Nyaudoh Ndaeyo has also sewn up public approval and rating on account of his worthy preoccupation in pioneering intellectual investigations to remedy varied societal development challenges as well as his outstanding contributions as an active member of several learned and professional bodies including: Crop Science Society of Nigeria (CSSN), Farm Management Association of Nigeria (FMAN), Nigerian Rural Sociological Association (NRSA) and Agricultural Society of Nigeria (ASN) among others.
His soaring and inspiring profile as a distinguished frontline scholar is visible in his invaluable intellectual contributions to knowledge published in a plethora of leading national and international academic journals including: International Journal of Mathematical Combinatorics; Global Journal of Agricultural Sciences , Journal of Agriculture and Social Sciences (Pakistan), Internet Journal of Food Safety, Journal of Agricultural and Biological Science, International Journal of Basic and Applied Science, Journal of Plant Nutrition, Journal of Sustainable Agriculture. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Journal of Experimental Agriculture International, Nigerian Journal of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Journal of Tropical Forest Resources, International Journal of Research, Nigerian Journal of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Global Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences, American Journal of Research Communication, International Journal of Applied Research and Technology, Nigerian Journal of Horticultural Science, Nigeria Journal of Agriculture, Food & Environment, International Journal of Agriculture and Biology (Pakistan), Journal of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Ecology, Agriculture and Biology Journal of North America on line, World Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Journal of Forestry, Environment and Sustainable Development, and Journal of Basic and Applied Research International, among others.

Through seasons of persistent commitment to academic excellence and diligence, Prof. Ndaeyo has deservedly earned intrinsic worth and public esteem. His appointment as the 8th substantive Vice Chancellor, University of Uyo, is significantly historic on account that he is the first-ever alumnus of the University of Uyo to head not just any Federal University but, in this case, the University of Uyo, his alma mater. With this inspiring feat, Prof. Ndaeyo is unveiled as a trailblazer, unique historical personality and indeed Uniuyo brand ambassador. This is, justifiably, the basis of the massive public expectation that the cardinal thrust of his leadership service will be to transform his alma mater to a world-class citadel of learning in all ramifications.

As a crucial part of the Prof. Aniefiok Essien led administration, that is winding down, there is soaring public expectation that Prof. Ndaeyo will consolidate on the lofty gains of the administration, ensure continuity and completion of all ongoing developmental and infrastructural projects initiated by the outgoing administration and improve on whatever area the administration recorded average performance.
Thus, Prof. Ndaeyo owes his alma mater not just a distinguished performance but a responsibility to marshal the rich ingenious resources in the institution to positively transform Uniuyo, and bequeath a legacy of academic excellence, exemplary leadership service and positive development.

The collective trust is that Prof. Nyaudo will succeed and make a defining mark as a distinguished scholar and seasoned administrator. Therefore, it is fitting to, once again, congratulate Prof. Nyaudo Ndaeyo on his meritorious and historic appointment as the 8th substantive Vice Chancellor of the University of Uyo, his alma mater and wish him Godspeed and divine grace to discharge the enormous public trust and record a remarkably successful tenure.

Idorenyin Aquaisua is a journalist and public analyst. He writes from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

9News Nigeria Editor/Reporter. IDORENYIN AQUAISUA is a Frontline Journalist and a member of Nigeria Union of Journalists - NUJ. He is an Author, Editor, Public Affairs Analyst and Human Rights Activist. Editor-in-Chief, Media Post Int'l newspaper. State Secretary, Committee for the Defence of Human Rights, CDHR, Akwa Ibom State Branch.

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